Montaha Hidefi is the Strategic Marketing Manager & Business Development, Color Trends Consultant & Advisor for TIGER Drylac Canada.  Offering advice on color trends, forward-trend visions, and color palettes, she conducts trend seminars and workshops on a global basis. A published author, she recently authored a chapter on “Color & Design” for the American Educational Shop.

We eat Color!

Hidefi enjoys experimenting with the healthy aspect of color combinations with self-created meal recipes and is ready to share her passion at this year’s Latin American Conference.  In this sensory presentation Hidefi explores the connectivity of our culinary experiences to our societal traditions and aims to discover the relationship between our appetite and the color of the food we select to eat.

This year’s Latin American Conference is being held in San Miguel de Allende (City of Mexico) May 24th to 26th.  As a color marketing professional, join us as we discuss and explore color directions for 2020+.

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