Learn to create. Influence change.

“Learn to create.  Influence change.”  The ArtCenter’s mission statement is the answer to how art and design impact our global society.  Part call-to-action.  Part promise.  All opportunity.

What better location for a Color Marketing Group® ChromaZone Color Forecasting Workshop?  In 2016 we held our inaugural ChromaZone at ArtCenter, Color, Materials and Trends Exploration Laboratory (CMTEL).  Attended by CMG members and ArtCenter students, the results were outstanding.   ArtCenter students explore beyond the boundaries of traditional art and design education to imagine new possibilities for the future of our hyper-complex and changing world.  We return this year on June 10th for another dynamic and thought-provoking Workshop with participation from the ArtCenter community.

ArtCenter’s visionary approach to art and design education is based on the College’s conservatory-like approach to teaching and learning; a desire for rich, intercultural and trans-disciplinary dialogue; and a mandate to provide students innovative learning and making spaces.  Join us June 10th to see how this vision impacts color directions in 2019 and beyond.


Dedicated to design research, Color, Materials and Trends Exploration Laboratory (CMTEL) hosts classes, lectures, workshops and projects with an emphasis on color, materials, trends and technology.

Courses that take place inside the lab include material explorations, lighting technologies, trend insights and designing for sustainability. Using CMTEL’s resources, students and others have developed material sample collections for more than 150 manufacturers. CMTEL has also become a vital resource for the College’s Design Storms—one- to three-day intensive, innovative workshops during which ArtCenter students and faculty collaborate with sponsoring partners to explore a material technology or future market opportunity. Additionally, ArtCenter’s student-led EcoCouncil holds weekly meetings here, discussing issues, sharing resources and developing special projects based on responsible design.

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