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By June 14, 2017CMG Events, Color: Trends

What are the major trends that define the Chinese Market?

How is a trend started?  How will product design fit into the future market?  Yang Design, China’s most forward thinking design consultancy, has been introducing advanced trend study methodology since 2005.  Their China Design Trend Report is an annual forecast developed by a leading team of global trend experts and will be delivered by Guest Speaker, Xiaojing Huang, Strategic Director for Yang Design, at this year’s Asia Pacific Conference.

Xiaojing Huang is a renowned Design Strategist & Trend Expert.  Having studied Experience Design in Berlin and graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Product Design from Guangzhou’s Academy of Fine Arts, Huang has amassed considerable experience in product strategy, user study, service design, brand DNA and trend study.

As founder of both the Design Strategy Institution and Yang Design,  she has been leading the Strategic team to build the User Study Lab, CMF Innovation Lab and Public Service Design Lab.  She has been defining design strategy to realize business value for companies in a variety of development stages.  Her clients are leading brands including Boeing, BMW, GM, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, KIA, Samsung, Fujitsu, BOSE, Schneider Electric, Hitachi, Haier and Unilever.


This year’s Asia Pacific Conference is being held September 10th to 12th in Suzhou China.  As a color marketing professional, join us as we discuss and explore color directions for 2020+.

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