Connect in Color

By June 23, 2017CMG Events

This simple phrase from the Color Marketing Group®® rally cry was selected for the 2017 International Summit theme because it can be interpreted to mean so many things that capture the spirit of CMG’s work, our tribe, and our future.

Somewhere between the Nuance and the New

Fundamentally, CMG exists to forecast which colors will best convey what is in the hearts and minds of consumers long before your products make it to final production. Each year, we look at social, economic, technological, political, and cultural influences through the lens of the past and with a curiosity as to what bridges these things will build to our future.  As we unravel the connections between all of these things, we analyze and intuit how color will illustrate joy and passion, convey style and innovation, and provide comfort and trust in the years to come.

Collaborate in Color

CMG is the only not-for-profit color forecasting group in the world that brings together designers and marketers from dozens of industries, countries, and market segments. With regional forecasting events in Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and North America, CMG members represent consumer electronics, packaged goods, home design, horticulture, fashion, furniture, automotive, graphic design, and sports and recreation. (Just to name a few!) This tapestry of knowledge and experience both expands our thinking and provides validation for our forecast directions. It is this inter-cultural, inter-industry and inter-generational connections that make CMG color directions unique and powerful.

Color Makes Us…Us

Perhaps the real magic of CMG is in the relationships that are made when you bring hundreds of like-minded creatives together. Workshop discussions and breakfast chats inevitably turn into professional collaborations, partnerships, and above all, friendships. Our connection with color connects us to each other in ways that  broaden our horizons, energize our spirits, and last a lifetime.

Ready to Share our Work with the World!

Literally thousands of color professionals have belonged to CMG over the years and with programs like regional ChromaZones and the new Future Thinking Workshop, Color Marketing Group® has the attention of a growing list of industries and the next generation of designers. In 2016, CMG unveiled revitalized branding, firmly positioning the organization for the future. We also introduced Color Muse, a powerful new hand-held specification tool and smartphone app. In 2017, the executive team is implementing plans to grow yet again—to connect our resources and influences in new ways and in new markets. Curious as to how? You’ll have to join us in Portland to find out more!

We Can’t Wait to Connect with YOU in Portland

We love our time together at the International Summit, and we can’t wait to see you in Portland, November 10-12 – and don’t forget the Optional Events on November 9th.  Stay tuned to find out more about the fascinating speakers who will be joining us in the Rose City. Click here to learn more about the workshop line-up, reserve your spot and take advantage of the early bird pricing.

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