Color Marketing Group’s celebration of violet erupts for 2018!

By December 15, 2017Color Alerts

2018’s emerging violet hues can soothe the psyche, or add a touch of luxury, or both!

Predicted during international workshops in 2016, for emergence in 2018, violet, in numerous values, has been deemed an important color for the year, appearing in every region of the CMG World Color Forecast™!

In celebration of the predictions, Color Marketing Group® congratulates, and concurs with Pantone, on their exciting choice for their color of the year, Ultra Violet. We are ecstatic with their choice and our shared enthusiasm for color.  Violet hues appeared in forecasts from CMG’s Asia Pacific’s “Pudding Purple,” to North America’s “Bruised Steel,” as colors of importance for the year.

Those are just two that are close in family. In all, ten out of 64 World Color Forecast™ hues, almost 15%, fall into the violet family! The importance of this color influence from quiet, contemplative lavender, to bold, sumptuous violet, and numerous iterations between, cannot be denied. Whether luxurious or healing, CMG members around the world have seized the nuances of this hue to emerge in 2018, transporting the aesthetics of products as wide reaching as fashion, home, action recreation, and automotive.

In 2018, Violet emerges in the world of color, from a world of color professionals, who share a passion for the right hues at the right moment.

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