CMG’s 2019 colors seen through the lens of the gem and jewelry industry

CMG’s 2019 Colors Seen Through the Lens of the Gem and Jewelry Industry

Katinka Champion of Champion Photography Ltd. is a self-confessed coloraholic and color gemstone fanatic, and a regular participant at CMG’s Toronto ChromaZone Color Forecasting Workshop.  She recently shared her predictions and inspirations from her observations of the gem and jewelry industry with GemGuide, the industry leader for gem pricing and market information, and how they compare with CMG’s Color Forecasts.


Image courtesy of Katinka Champion.

Champion’s piece, in their January/February Volume 37, Issue 1, Gemworld International Inc., highlighted a variety of colors that will appear in the gem and jewelry industry this year and next and, according to Champion, we’ll see red as a dominant hue.


Image courtesy of Katinka Champion.


“One of the red hues I chose to highlight in my forecast colors for this industry was inspired by all the red garnets and tourmalines I am seeing…these have an interesting case of orange and many of the successful North American gem cutters are featuring these beautiful gemstones cut from rough recently coming out of Africa.”

CMG forecast red during our 2015 North American Workshops, highlighting “Attitude” as an emerging trend for 2017.  This trend was further endorsed this month as we revealed “Phoenix Red”, forecast during our 2016 Asia Pacific Conference as a directional color for 2018. According to Sandy Sampson, CMG’s VP Communications & PR, “Phoenix Red is a traditional orange-based red rooted in Asia Pacific culture as an essential hue. In 2017 we saw Attitude emerge as a color to overcome limitations and help redefine what you can do at any age.  As a hue of the positive-risk and change movements, Phoenix Red is being seen as a bridge for technology and culture.

Appetizing, passionate, and powerful, bright red is adding its bold aesthetic to fashion and home.  An ‘attention getting’ hue, you can use it alone to make a statement, or coordinate it with other hues such as deep red, fuschia, navy blue, or olive green to add an energetic flash of color.”

—Mark Woodman of mark woodman design + color, and former President of Color Marketing Group


Champion also highlights other colors that will be important this and next year for the gem and jewelry industry including the ongoing popularity of pink. Champion writes, “Many of the neutrals are casting pink shadows, which are gender neutral. The padparadscha sapphire inspires some of these non-gender specific pinks for the gem industry.  They are lotus blossom-colored, a pinkish-orange hue.”

Image courtesy of Katinka Champion.

Champion’s full article with color forecasts for the gem and jewelry industry, will appear in the January/February issue of GemGuide, the industry leader for gem pricing and market information and The Publication will be featured at The Tucson GemFair this month.

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