Color Marketing Group's International Summit Pre-Summit Workshops

We grow in COLOR!

At this year’s International Summit we are offering three powerful Pre-Summit Workshops on Thursday, November 8th.  Make the most of your Summit experience and plan your travel and hotel to arrive on Wednesday, November 7th.

Color Marketing Group's International Summit Pre-Summit Workshops

 We foresee in COLOR!

What will be the big ideas driving our design decisions in five years?  How about seven, or even ten years from now?  This workshop inspires us to think well beyond 2020 and travel farther into the future. The morning begins with short presentations by three CMG trend-watching experts, who will guide us through their experiences in researching and forecasting trends, and how they analyze and apply them in their designs. Afterward, in a hands-on session, you will delve into and develop trends that you and your group see emerging, and share with the workshop. It will be a day full of inspired learning, deep conversations, and critical thinking, and you’ll emerge with a better understanding of where the world is headed. The workshop is led by Paula Leonard, an industry leader in trend forecasting and color, material and finish (CMF) design, and Bridget Frizzie, Creative Director for Kehoe Designs, whose core attributes are seeing key insights including aligning strategic perspectives to know change before it happens. Guest speakers include Traci Kloos, Director, Design & Customer Experience for Tarkett North America and Paul Czornij, Head of Design North America for BASF.

Future Thinking is exclusive to CMG Members only
Thursday, November 8th – 9 am – 5 pm
CMG Member Fee $115


Color Marketing Group's International Summit Pre-Summit Workshops

We gather in COLOR!

Unleash the power of color by leveraging your collective experience and knowledge – that’s what Color Marketing Group is all about.  This is a must-do session if you wish to kick start your membership and Summit experience. You’ll join other first-timer Summit Attendees and new members to learn why this Association remains one of the most influential color forecasting associations in the world. We will start with a capsulated introduction to CMG’s volunteer structure of committees and how you can get involved, improving your career opportunities and learning from global leaders in color and design. We will then quickly move into a fun color basics tutorial so that those of you who participate in CMG Color Power will feel confident about the professional language of color. You’ll then experience how we work with CMG’s World Color Forecast™ during Friday’s Color Applications Workshop by partaking in a mini Workshop. Experienced team leaders will take you through the steps of how the Forecast is created and how you can apply it in your specific track of Colors in Contract, Color Validation, Color Combinations, Colors in Home, or CMF (Color, Materials & Finishes). Connect with other outstanding color professionals and learn why this dynamic global Association with over 50 years experience in forecasting color directions continues to create accurate and relevant color and trend forecast information. If you want to maximize your membership and connect with your color tribe, then please take part in this complimentary session.

Thursday, November 8th – 8 am – 10 am
Complimentary to Summit Attendees only


Color Marketing Group's International Summit Pre-Summit Workshops

We speak in COLOR!

Everyone knows what color is until they have to explain it. Last year we introduced our new, dynamic, and interactive color training so our members could extend and strengthen their color knowledge and confidence.  This year we have extended the time to continue your education on this colorful journey that is important to your career.   We will start with a lightning review of basic color theory and concepts including color vocabulary and scientific terms. Then you’ll improve your technical knowledge of color and color design.   You will have the rare opportunity to play with color tools and materials from the 3 major tool providers, NCS, RAL, and X-Rite Pantone, all in one place. You will learn about these different tools and how they can effectively aid you in your color accuracy.   Our goal is that you learn as you engage, in a fun, hands-on exercise to develop your skills and improve your ability to communicate and describe a color. There is a lot of information and it is fast-paced.  Some of what you will learn will be the difficulties caused by metamerism,  the language of color notating,  and how to determine color notations for global products. This training is one of a kind.  To be able to use these tools, partake in these exercises, and learn these skills with these experts is an opportunity only offered to CMG members and Summit attendees. This session is taught by color designers, Alicia Keshishian, Roz Kavander, and outstanding color experts from NCS, X-Rite Pantone, and RAL.  This course is intense and includes short breaks and a quick lunch.  Space is limited so register early to avoid disappointment.

CMG Color Power is exclusive to Summit attendees only
Thursday, November 8th – 10:15 am – 6 pm (includes lunch)
CMG Member Fee $115
NON Member Fee $140

Registration for the Summit will open shortly but in the meantime make your hotel reservations online and take advantage of Group Discount Rates while available!  To make your hotel reservation visit the hotel website.



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