Member Spotlight – Shannon Maher


“I took branding of the department to the next level with a unique color application.”

Shannon Maher

Shannon Maher

You recently joined Color Marketing Group – what do you hope to gain with your membership?

“I have a passion for the home industry and a love for color. By joining CMG I hope to gain deeper knowledge and expand my skills of how color is forecast and used throughout all industries.”

CMG is a forum for the exchange of all things color, how does this color information empower your work?
“Staying on top of global trends and understanding the underlying currents of color direction assist me not only in discussing color and how color choice affects the home products market, but also allows me to critique with expertise in guiding students on their work and presentations.”

Share with us a color design project that you worked on or are working on where the right color made all the difference.
“At the Fashion Institute of Technology, color plays a major role in our curriculum from design and development, brand management, merchandising, and marketing. I cannot identify one individual project that I have worked on with the students, but can say that it is incorporated and discussed in all project presentations.”

Share any fun fact or fun color story from your private or professional life.
“When I became Chair of the Home Products Development department I took branding of the department to the next level. I had an accent wall in my office painted the department color that is used internally for printed marketing materials; each department has a unique color. The Home Products’ color is a deep teal green; not a color that would be my personal choice, but I thought it to be appropriate for the department’s office. Everyone commented that it would be too dark and heavy, but once completed it stopped everyone in their tracks and since others have followed suit.”


Shannon Maher is the Chairperson for the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Home Products Development department and teaches core curriculum in the materials, manufacturing, and marketing of home products. With NYC as its campus, the Fashion Institute of Technology is known for the business of fashion in the creative industries.   Maher brings over 25 years of industry experience to her leadership of the Home Products Development Department and has traveled extensively throughout her career to China, India, Turkey, and throughout Europe. Before trading in the corporate office for the classroom, Maher was the SVP of Global Sourcing and Product Development for Hanover Direct, Inc., a multi-brand catalog and e-commerce retailer known for its breadth of color. Prior to Hanover, she held senior positions with CHF Industries, Dan River Inc., and French Country Living – all focusing on product development, sourcing, manufacturing and merchandising for the home classifications.  As an educator in the creative industries color plays a major role in Maher’s work, from teaching its history and its use in the home, to discussing current trends that will influence the color of tomorrow’s interiors and products.

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