Color Directions Take Charge in Toronto

Toronto ChromaZone®  Evolving with 20/20 Vision

By CMG Members Mark Woodman and Roz Kavander

Color Marketing Group Brainstorm of Color Directions

From within a room of color design professionals ranging from product designers to educators and photographers to interior designers, the Toronto 2020+ ChromaZone® Color Forecasting Workshop participants delivered conversation, debate, and a bold look forward. Gleaned and edited from more than 42 directional stories, concepts and words, a clear direction emerged.

New participants sat side-by-side with seasoned members and were gently mentored to generate a color-filled day of interaction and understanding. The room reflected the mood of the emerging color stories, upbeat and supportive with a common goal in sight.

Confidence and optimism are consumer directions being seen through the mire of the past few years. With a no-holds-barred approach, 2020+ is viewed as a turning point for which we have just begun to lay the groundwork. There is much to be done, but the attitude is determined and the focus is laser-sharp.

Though attention is still being paid to injustices imposed, skepticism about our role with technology, and how to best comprehend the world’s woes, the discussions concentrated around, “We know this, we can fix this, let’s get going!”

And during Toronto’s ChromaZone® Color Forecasting Workshop, that’s exactly what occurred.

Color Marketing Group thanks our host, Distinctive, and Jeanne Sasaki. They provided a perfect venue for the event. Distinctive is one of the most influential and successful distributors in the premium home appliance industry, and the largest independent distributor in Canada.

If you missed this Color Forecasting Workshop, then take a look at our upcoming Color events, Conferences, and the International Summit where we reveal the 2020+ World Color Forecast.

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