Asia Pacific Color Designers RE-SET Humanity 

Asia Pacific Color Designers RE-SET Humanity

Color Marketing Group Predicts Color Directions in Melbourne

CMG Asia Pacific Conference Beach Houses

— Monika Haag, RENOLIT SE, Jane Stockel, Jane Stockel Designs

In the suburb of Collingwood, color design professionals and interior design students gathered at Mercer School of Interior Design in Melbourne, Australia earlier this month to discuss Asia Pacific color directions for 2020+.  Participants traveled from many areas of the world including Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Italy, and Germany. Their industries varied from residential, kitchen, office design, paint manufacturing, horticulture, trend forecasting, surface design, and IT to engineering.

Our venue, Mercer School of Interior Design, is a converted warehouse that provided a beautiful, neutral workspace with natural light. Mercer interior design students brought a fresh demographic perspective into emerging trends and colorful energy for collaborating on color directions.  The merging of different ideas from across the Asia Pacific shows that different languages, age groups, and cultures share common goals.

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“This was my first experience and what an impression it left. Connecting with like-minded professionals from our industry in Australia and New Zealand, sharing our passion and experience with colour was invigorating!  A great group of kind-hearted participants connecting through colour, and reigniting my passion once again. A must for anyone who plays with colour in any industry.” — Anastasia Parlamentas, Sales Manager, Nikpol

CMG Asia Pacific Conference Participants

All participants spoke of the need to RE-SET Humanity, which became the umbrella title to the three stories emerging from the meeting.


There is a push back against technology. People are seeking real, honest relationships, face-to-face time with family and friends, and an increase in their work-leisure balance. Our discussions here at the Asia Pacific Conference mirrored discussions during the past 6 months  at CMG Asia Pacific ChromaZone® color forecasting workshops in Bangkok, Singapore, and Shanghai.

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“I have wondered for a long time how to forecast color trends. I have read some books and attended other seminars, but forecasting was still difficult for me to grasp.  Then I heard about the CMG Asia Pacific Conference and I didn’t hesitate to attend this event, even though it takes so long to travel from Korea to Melbourne.

Before attending this Conference, an assignment was given with well-organized questions. By answering these questions, I’ve already been able to get closer to forecasting color trends.

Of course, during the Conference I learned more than I expected. I was so satisfied and I had an amazing time with other color design professionals, understanding how color trends are derived.

The 3 lectures were so interesting and I enjoyed the experience of the vibrant color trend forecast presentations.

Thank you for all speakers and participants. I hope I can meet them again at future conferences.” — Chanyang You

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Long commutes to work and rapid urbanization in the Asia Pacific region are causing stress and mental illnesses. Biophilic designs are upcoming Asia Pacific trends in both architecture and transport design. This instinctive bonding between humans and other living systems is spread throughout the Asia Pacific region.


Humans long to escape through travel or virtual travel. Again this story echoes right around the Asia Pacific region, as family time raises in value. The health benefits of time-out, pressing the OFF BUTTON, and minimizing the appearance of being busy allows for workers to go OFF ROAD.

CMG Asia Pacific Conference Presentation

The overall Asia Pacific Conference theme, RE-SET Humanity, echoes so much that is discussed within Asia. With the largest population mass in the world, The Asia Pacific region can indeed be of one mind, irrespective of country, language or creed.

ACMG Asia Pacific Conference cupcakess with most Color Marketing Group events, we also gather to enjoy great food in eclectic venues and build lasting color design relationships. We tasted Thai food, Mediterranean finger food, and Project 49’s platters menu, a restaurant specializing in allowing the simplicity of taste to reign supreme. Of course, our delicious food was paired with great Australian wines and divine cupcakes to widen our waistlines.


“The CMG conferences and workshops are invaluable to me in my job. As a member of CMG I have access to a large network of incredibly knowledgeable colour professionals and meeting with these amazing people at workshops is enlightening. I’m always so inspired after any CMG meeting I attend and it creates an opportunity for me and our team to really think about new ideas and new ways of bringing colour to our market.” —Andrea Lucena-Orr, Colour Planning & Communications Manager, DuluxGroup, Australia


CMG Asia Pacific Conference MercerColor Marketing Group is grateful to our host, Mercer School of Interior Design in Melbourne, Australia. At the Mercer School of Interior Design, we approach education with a different perspective. In addition to providing all of the essential skills for a successful career in design, we challenge our students to think beyond the latest trends by providing them the tools to discover their own unique styles. Education Through Inspiration


Natural Colour System®OUR PARTNER

Thank you to our partner, NCS Colour, who is instrumental in providing color design tools and color cards for Color Marketing Group’s events and forecasts.

Photos: Judith van Vliet, Clariant, Jane Stockel


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