Member Spotlight – Julia Greven


Member Spotlight Julia Greven

Julia Greven strengthens the experience of brands and to motivate companies to reinvent themselves. With over 16 years experience of brand-building, she believes that

a brand is not a logo – it is what people say, think, and feel about it.

Greven is the Founder of philla BrandXitement in Cologne, Germany which she launched in 2016 providing consultancy to companies on the development and expansion of their corporate identity and brand, as well as their marketing strategy.

Greven recently joined Color Marketing Group because she believes that color impacts everything.

“The use of colour has a strong impact on nearly everything! Socially or economically, colour transports almost everything. It has symbolic power, manipulates, demonstrates, and stimulates. This makes it a very important design element, especially in marketing.”

Member Spotlight Julia Greven


Greven wanted to share her passion and competence for brand building, touchpoint creation, and expansion of brand worlds and companies with other enterprises and company managers. As an experienced sparring partner, impulse generator, trend and brand consultant, her agency-  philla BrandXitement – offers marketing and strategy fitness programs to companies, agencies, manufacturers, and dealers.   “Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis.”

Greven believes that, in order to be able to steer and implement this specifically for her client companies, she must continually raise awareness and stay both professionally and creatively fit.

In a rapidly changing world, you need good impulses and a strong motivation to be agile. Whether it is through individual marketing, brand and trend advice, marketing management, or customized marketing training programs and workshops for employees and traders: philla supports companies with its creative and international network to build and expand the fitness of brands. If people stay in motion – their business will remain fit and powerful!

Julia Greven Phillia BrandXitement


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