Color Exploration Extends Color Alerts®

Color Exploration

Techmer PM has partnered with Color Marketing Group® to bring members the TechmerVision Color Exploration program, an extension of the Color Alerts®

Future Green Color Exploration



Exploring Color Marketing Group’s Color Alert® monthly forecasted colors and the Key Colors, by using the TechmerVision digital color tool designers are able to explore color nuances and interactions of colors accurately and quickly during their product development process.

What is a Color Exploration?

Looking beyond a forecasted Key Color or Color Alert® color and into the nuances of that color’s value and chroma, TechmerVision accurately and easily assists color exploration. What used to take a designer’s trained eye and a bit of luck, TechmerVision easily explores color nuances for stunning product color palettes.

Beginning in January 2019, Techmer PM, in partnership with Color Marketing Group, will explore the 2019 Key Colors that were forecasted to emerge in 2019 in 2017 and are now being seen on the market. The CMG 2019 Key Colors are being announced weekly during January with the TechmerVision Color Exploration following just days later.

Starting in February 2019, TechmerVision Color Exploration will, twice a month, explore the Color Alert® and the Color Alert® MAXIMIZE colors monthly for the membership.

TechmerVision Color Explorations can be downloaded from the member-only Reports area.


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Origins of Color Alerts®

Every year Color Marketing Group(CMG) announces the World Color Forecast™ in November. This is the culmination of a year’s worth of research, conversations, and collaboration by CMG members on the future of color directions.

“The width and breadth of our CMG color design professionals’ knowledge and research is invaluable.”
– Sandy Sampson, CMG VP PR & Communications

The Forecast contains sixty-four colors that industries will use two years from now. Some industries have longer product to market cycles than others. This time to market changes with new technology introductions. From these 64 colors, we select 12 of the colors that are the strongest candidates to reach multiple markets and highlight them in the monthly Color Alert® program.

Forecasting colors is an amazing visual and written process. Development of the drivers’ and influencers’ of the color story takes passion and sleuthing. From there the Color Alert® Colors move to validation. These colors appear as products two years following the announcement of the World Color Forecast™ and are highlighted.

A Brief History of CMG’s Color Alert®

A few years ago, CMG started validating and sharing the World Color Forecast™ through Color Alerts at the first of every month. Today it is a valuable tool for color design professionals. Members travel the globe searching for innovative ideas, colors, materials, and finishes and this research is the backbone of the program.


Colors are not meant to be alone. They like to play in combinations that tell their own color story and elicit powerful responses. Spotted in the market, product colors in the CMG Color Alert® MAXIMIZE program, validate the color combinationsof the month. Look for mid month MAXIMIZE color stories in an eBlast and on the Color Alert® Archive page. And stay in the know by signing up for the CMG Color Alert® program.



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