Color Exploration Opulencia

Color Exploration, Opulencia

Techmer PM has partnered with Color Marketing Group® to bring members the TechmerVision Color Exploration Opulencia, an extension of the Color Alerts®.

CMG 2019 Key Color Exploration Opulencia


CMG’s 2019 European Key Color, Opulencia

Exaggerated, eclectic, and energized, Opulencia is a hue of sumptuous power and opulent living. The trend of “More is more” becomes a passionate cry to celebrate a new era of maximalism.

Opulencia offers a divergence. It is a direct contrast to the quiet of minimalist design, and offers a point/counterpoint that elevates society. One day is contemplative and simple, another, loud and elaborate. This deviation from pure red, softened with its matte finish, provides a powerful color that can move between the two extremes. More Key Color Story

TechmerVision Color Exploration

Exploring Color Marketing Group’s Color Alert® monthly forecasted colors and the Key Colors, by using the TechmerVision digital color tool designers are able to explore color nuances and interactions of colors accurately and quickly during their product development process.

TechmerVision Color Explorations can be downloaded from the member-only Reports area.


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