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Share The Love this February!

Ah, we’re approaching the season of LOVE! The greeting card aisles are filled with layers of pink and red, our new year’s fitness resolutions are about to be shattered by chocolates, and we’re checking our bank accounts to see if it will be grocery store roses or a blue Tiffany box for our sweethearts this year.
With thoughts of romance in your head, Color Marketing Group invites you to Share the Love and invite friends, colleagues, and associates to join our tribe of color passionistas!  Each CMG member who courts a new member to sign up in the month of February will receive $100 off of their 2019 ChromaZone fee. Feeling a little Don (or Donna) Juan and think you will woo multiple new members? For each one, we’ll give you an entry to win a $500 Visa gift card. PLUS, all new members who sign up during the month will receive 10% off of their membership dues.  
So go ahead, spring for Tiffany box, and start thinking about who in your rolodex/email directory/Facebook friends/Instagram followers/LinkedIn contacts will fall in love with Color Marketing Group.
Stay tuned to CMG’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin, where we’ll give you everything you need to Share the CMG Love.

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