CMG 2019 European Conference, Cantania, Italy Speakers Perfect Skin

The Relationship of Surface, Material, Color, and Shape

Klaudia Kruse Perfect Skin

Design Expert Presents “Perfect Skin” at Color Marketing Group’s 2019 European Conference

What does Perfect Skin mean?

Which facet has perfection, which function and meaning does a Skin have?

How does Perfect Skin show in different areas of design, architecture, art, nature, and technology and lifestyle?

Klaudia Kruse will present Perfect Skin – the relationship of surface, material, color, and shape.  The presentation will focus on the different aspects, manifestations, associations, and abstractions of the Perfect Skin and offer insight to how inspirations and visions become reality.

Visionary Klaudia Kruse

Kruse is a visionary with creative competence and a holistic approach, turning impressions into expressions.  She studied Product and Industrial Design in Aachen and Hamburg.  After years in leading positions in the field of industrial and fashion design, as well as automotive design, and design management for the BMW Group in Munich, and the BMW Advanced Design Studio in NYC, Kruse founded her Design Consultancy – Klaudia Kruse Design Consulting – in 2010.

From research to design and implementation, Klaudia Kruse develops Surface Design Concepts and Design Strategies for Transportation, Product, Furniture, Accessories and Interior Design.  Kruse conducts global and interdisciplinary networks to built collaborative relationships between design, research, development, and manufacturing.  Her driving force is her enthusiasm and curiosity, topped only by her love for challenges and solutions.

Color Marketing Group 2019 European Conference Catania, Italy May 15-17

CMG 2019 European Conference, Catania, Italy

Country: Italy
Dates: Wednesday, May 15th – Friday May 17th, 2019
Location: Plaza Hotel Catania, Viale Ruggero Di Lauria No. 43, 95127, Catania, Italy

2021+ European Forecast

We recently revealed the 2020+ European Forecast during our 2018 International Summit – now we begin to forecast color directions for 2021 and beyond and YOU can be part of that conversation. Our Conference Workshops offer a chance to explore and recognize subtle nuances in color, to envision which palettes and color combinations will best attract, inspire, and inform, and to explore the global influences and drivers that affect color directions.

At the very heart of all CMG Conferences is the Color Forecasting process where the world’s leading color and design influencers share, discuss and explore color directions. You will be on the cutting edge of color forecasting, and you’ll bring these insights back with you to shape and validate discussions and decisions on color directions for your industry, product, or service.  CMG’s Color Forecasting process is a collaboration of minds; a joint effort to understand and interpret what is happening in the world around us and how this will influence color.  The final result?  A 16-color Directional Forecast that is distributed electronically with a report identifying the trends and influences affecting color directions.  The Color Forecast shows notations in all the major color systems including Pantone, NCS, RAL, RGB and LAB.

Who Should Attend?

Global manufacturers, brands, and marketers understand the importance of color marketing to their bottom line. Your company will benefit from creating research fueled and validated products in colors that sell. As a project manager, product developer, designer, manufacturer, CMF specialist, color specifier, and anyone who works with color for products you won’t want to miss the important color discussions.

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