NEW Color Applications Workshops at the Summit!

NEW Color Applications Workshops at the Summit!

Introducing our revamped CMF and Color Applications Workshops at this year’s Summit.

Color Applications Workshops

You spoke and we listened! We have revamped this year’s categories for Friday’s Color Applications Workshops to focus on specific market sectors. Four overarching categories offer a selection of exciting workshops from which you can choose:

  • CMF (Color, Material & Finish)
  • Residential – choose from Home Interiors and Home Exteriors
  • Lifestyle & Consumer – choose from Fashion, Durable Goods, Non-Durable Goods, and Visual Communications
  • Contract – choose from Commercial Interiors and Commercial Exteriors

Working with the 2021+ CMG World Color Forecast™

During the International Summit we’ll reveal the 2021+ CMG World Color Forecast™ comprising of 64 global color directions for 2021 and beyond. Each Workshop will assess the 64 colors within the Forecast and work to select the top 12 colors that will emerge in your specific market sector. It’s a tidal wave of collaboration with like minded color design professionals resulting in industry specific reports which are shared only with Summit attendees.

CMF Workshop International SummitColor, Material, and Finish Workshop

If your responsibilities include not only a color decision but also the identification of key color, material, and finish (CMF), this Workshop is for you.  Join innovative suppliers, product developers, and designers to discuss the multi-dimensions of color, material, and finish.  Explore new processes driving the need for new colors and applications.

Participants in this Color Applications Workshop will forecast the top 2-3 trend directions that will emerge on the global CMF market in the next 2-3 years.  You’ll anticipate how they could be assimilated to any of the 64 colors from the 2021+ CMG World Color Forecast™.  Industries that can benefit from this workshop include polymers, composites, biomaterials, nanomaterials, energy materials, engineered surfaces, colorant pigments, special effect pigments, special effect additives, masterbatch, injection molding, industrial design, paints, industrial coatings, ceramics, metals, films, laminates, automotive, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, wheel chairs, electronics, appliances, color products and services.

Residential Workshop International SummitResidential (Interior or Exterior)

Home is where the heart is! We spend a lot of time at home with our families and friends. The colors we select for our interior and exterior need to harmonize and inspire us to live well.

Participants will choose from either Residential Interior or Residential Exterior and will use colors from the 2021+ CMG World Color Forecast™ to identify the top 12 colors that will emerge on the global home markets .

  • Home Interiors include design, interior decor, cabinetry, textiles, home furnishing/furniture, decorative home products, floor coverings, window coverings, wall coverings, kitchen, bathroom, lighting, paints, color products and services.
  • Home Exteriors include design, building products, outdoor furnishing/furniture, lighting, textiles, landscaping, paints and coatings, color products and services.

Lifestyle Consumer International SummitLifestyle & Consumer (Fashion, Durable & Non-Durable Goods, and Visual Communications)

What embodies our values, aspirations, interests, attitudes and opinions?  How will this translate into color trend directions in 2021 and beyond?  How will current and future consumer trends influence color directions in the future?

Participants in these Workshops will use colors from the 2021+ CMG World Color Forecast™ to identify the top 12 colors that will emerge in either fashion, durable, non durable goods, and visual communications.

Choose one workshop from the following selection:

  • Fashion – design, apparel, jewelry, footwear, accessories, academia, electronics, color products and services.
  • Durable Goods – industrial design, home appliances, consumer electronics, automotive, recreational vehicles, sport equipment, medical equipment, toys, furniture, rubber products, plastic products, motorcycles, bicycles, tools, jewelry, color products and services.
  • Non-Durable Goods – cosmetics, packaging, bags, office supplies, paper, personal products, rubber products, plastic products, color products and services
  • Visual Communications – graphic design, branding, advertising, promotional items, visual arts, printing, academia, education, color products and services

Contract Colors International SummitContract (Interior or Exterior)

Explore the nuance of color within either Commercial interiors or exteriors.

Armed with the new 2020+ CMG World Color Forecast™, participants in this Workshop will identify the colors that will be important in contract markets, how they’ll be used, and why.  Choose from:

  • Commercial Interiors include design, office, furniture, retail, hospitality, education, healthcare, leisure, exhibition design and fittings, lighting, flooring, textiles, wall coverings, paints and coatings, color products and services
  • Commercial Exteriors include design, office, furniture, retail, hospitality, education, recreation, landscaping, architecture, building products, lighting, paints and coatings, flooring, textiles, color products and services

2019 CMG International Summit Tucson, AZExperience Color Applications Workshops first hand at the International Summit.

These Workshops are exclusive to Summit attendees.



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