CMG Members Forecast European Color Directions

CMG Members Forecast European Color Directions

Color Marketing Group’s European Conference is an annual event.  Since 2002 CMG members and industry color design professionals have been gathering at various locations around Europe.  Earlier this month color experts met in Catania, Italy to forecast European color directions for 2021 and beyond.  Attendees represent a diverse range of industries from chemicals, coatings, and pigments to domestic appliances and consumer goods.

We invited two of our newest members to share their insight into why CMG’s European Conference is a good source for valuable color information and how they use the final Forecast.

Rana Khadra

Colour Marketing & Creative Manager MEIA, Jotun Paints.

“For me CMG  is a library of colors, people, and trends.  We talk about what we see in the world culturally, economically, politically, and we draw trends that translate into colors.  The outcome is amazing.  You get to see different industries like automotive, paints, fashion, and at the end you see similar global trends.”


Lukas Beck

Graphic Designer, Canyon Bicycles GmBH, Koblenz, Germany

“I came to the Bonn ChromaZone and the experience offered a different approach to colors.  It’s a new way to find trends and have a bigger European impact.  I am always surprised that people from different countries have similar ideas.  When other people present their ideas, you can identify and see that there are colors also on my scheme.”

The Forecast from CMG’s European Conference will be revealed this November at our International Summit as part of our 2021+ World Color Forecast.

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