It’s not a secret process but one that can seem mysterious if you have not participated in Color Marketing Group’s color forecasting methodology.

— By Guest Blogger, Peggy Van Allen, Colorfuel and CMG’s VP Color Forecasting

Color forecasting methodology

Color Forecasting Committee

As Vice president of Color Forecasting for Color Marketing Group® (CMG), one of my volunteer activities is to work with the Color Forecasting Committee to compile and proof the results from the international Color Conferences and regional ChromaZone® Color Forecasting Workshops that take place in the lead up to the International Summit.

Color Forecasting with CMG

CMG’s Workshop Formula

The color forecasting methodology of each color forecasting event is to identify the top 16 colors that will trend in 2021 and beyond.  Participants also report what is driving each color direction and in which industry it will appear.  The CMG Workshop formula is highly collaborative.  Attendees, who are color experts in their field, present their color trend stories as they relate to their industry/product.

Workshop Facilitators have the important task of guiding the participants to gather the information, identifying common themes and trends.  They identify  the top 3 color stories that explain the “whys” behind the final 16 shortlisted color directions.

CMG Color Systems

Color Notation

To help the process, CMG’s Color Forecasting Committee performs a triple-check on each workshop data. This is the less “glamorous” but vital part of the job where the Committee match all  forecast colors  to CMG’s Standard, the NCS Colour system.  Colors are also matched to Munsell, Pantone, RAL, sRGB and LAB D65, providing members with the closest notation based on their preferred color system.

Color Forecasting with CMG

Workshop Outcomes

Anyone who works with color knows that there are many opportunities for colors to shift throughout a project. Controls need to be in place. CMG’s process aims to  communicate to our members  the exact numerical references, nuances, and directional nature of the colors as they relate to their forecast use. Four to six weeks after each color forecasting event, attendees receive the final, edited, digital forecast and written report.

Color Forecasting with CMG

CMG World Color Forecast™

This is just one step in the overall process. The Color Forecasting Committee then steer the 16 colors from each Workshop and Conference into a forecast for each of the four regions of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.  These Forecasts are then revealed annually at the International Summit as CMG’s World Color Forecast™.

CMG International Summit Tucson Arizona

Member Benefits

CMG Members and Summit attendees receive the final 4 regional reports comprising 64 colors as  fan decks, color cards, multi-media presentations, and written reports.

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