Member Spotlight LeeAnn Harmening

CMG Member, LeeAnn Harmening of Global Textile Alliance finds CMG membership rejuvenating and inspiring.

Member Spotlight Color Marketing Group

Our Member Spotlight is on LeeAnn Harmening, Design Manager at Global Textile Alliance. LeeAnn has been a member of Color Marketing Group since 1995, minus a few years off when she tried her hand at elementary education.

“Color Marketing Group has always felt like home. Being surrounded by people who have the same passion about color as I have is inspiring and rejuvenating. CMG membership is something I need to be successful in my job. It is also something I crave as a creative and color-loving artist.”

Color Forecasting

Analyzing color directions and trends is a critical component of LeeAnn’s role.

“Forecasting is something our customers rely on us to know and share. I use CMG Forecasts and Color Alerts as a starting point to share color direction with our customers. Our clients are typically planning 18 months to 2 years ahead.  This pairs perfectly with CMG’s Forecasts which look at least two years out.”

Member Benefits

We asked LeeAnn why CMG’s benefits are so valuable to her.  “Not only does CMG membership provide assurance with our external customers, but our internal design team and sales force use the Color Forecast information, too. Our sales team gain confidence knowing that the colors in our fabrics are validated and supported by a respected color authority. CMG’s Forecasts are also great when I am choosing new yarn colors for our upcoming lines. I especially like the Forecast Evolution cards for each region which help me to see the color shifts for each color family.

The Company

Global Textile Alliance offers knitted and woven mattress fabric to the top US bedding brands.

Interested in becoming a Color Marketing Group member to gain the power of color? Explore our Member Benefits.

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