Member Spotlight Debbie Houston

“Every product we create is dependent on the right colors and every color line has to be relevant for the commercial market.”

— Debbie Houston, Director of Product Design, Philadelphia Commercial

CMG Member Spotlight Debbie Houston

Debbie Houston Knows the Deciding Factor

As Director of Product Design with Philadelphia Commercial,  Debbie leads the product development team in the creation of new hard and soft surface flooring.  She develops products 12 to 15 months ahead of introduction dates and an intergral part of her role is to track trends that will influence color and design in the future. 

Our customers might be flexible on a pattern, but color is usually the deciding factor for flooring.”

The Value of CMG Forecasts

Debbie is a former CMG Board member and regular Workshop Facilitator.  She has in depth knowledge of our color forecasting processes and its value. 

The sharing of information during the color forecasting workshop either validates the research I have been doing or makes me aware of new ideas that I can use to supplement my research. We use CMG’s forecasts and color information as directional tools in the development of new yarns, and color lines. They are a great reference point to keep us looking forward.  I use the information  to guide the design team as they make decisions about patterns, colors and constructions.”

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