Explore August’s Color Alert® MAXIMIZE

Explore this month’s Color Alert® MAXIMIZE 

CMG Color Alert MAXIMIZE Color Exploration Ser, Fluid Blue, Ming Blue, Wave

Color Exploration

Explore color combinations this month for CMG’s Color Alert® and  Color Alert® MAXIMIZE using the TechmerVision Color Exploration tool.   Visualize color nuances, interactions, and harmonies to accurately and quickly prototype colors for products that are on-trend.  Do further color design research and analysis to identify the perfect BLUE for you!

About Techmer

TechmerVision Color Exploration is a web-based color tool that accurately visualizes color directions beyond the actual hue. It provides a quick and affordable way to increase color harmony while minimizing color discordance during the product development cycle. The aim is to help designers translate their inspiration into color for application and for design development purposes.

TechmerVision Color Exploration

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Ser, Fluid Blue, Wave, Ming Blue

Color Exploration Ser, Ming Blue, Fluid Blue and Wave

Color Alert® MAXIMIZE Ser, Ming Blue, Fluid Blue, Wave




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