Asia Pacific 2020+ World Color Forecast™ Key Color

This month we spotlight our Asia Pacific Key Color, forecast during our  2018 events to emerge in the market in 2020. This Key Color is one of 4 regional colors selected from our 2020+ World Color Forecast™.

A new decade begins with a Seed of Life!

Seed of Life delivers a statement of simplicity and origin that counters the busy-ness of life. Born of nature, this warm, neutral beige delivers a trend forward message. This Asia Pacific Key Color for 2020+, and growing into the new decade, succeeds in adding a sense of calm and connection amidst modern scenes.

Seed of Life is the antithesis of rampant technology.  It is the color for going off-road, for exploring, and for returning to one’s roots. It becomes the chromatic off-button to wind down and inhale a moment. Timeless in architectural applications, including residential and commercial interiors, it will also move into fashion and accessories. With a touch of special effects, it will shimmer with metallics or soothe with a matte finish.

Emerge into the next decade with a tranquil hue that connects to nature and leads to better, healthier lives, starting with Seed of Life.

Download this Key Color PDF.



Color Marketing Group®, founded in 1962, is a not-for-profit international association of color design professionals who forecast color directions and is a forum for the exchange of all aspects color. Members represent a broad spectrum of designers, marketers, color scientists, consultants, educators, and artists. Color forecasting events are held throughout the world and the results from these events become part of the global World Color Forecast™ revealed at the annual International Summit.




2020 Key Color Electrum


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