Consciousness Drives 2020+ Colour Trends

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In celebration of the NCS Colour System’s 40th anniversary they launched a limited-edition of their NCS Colour Trends 2020+ in a unique and extensive format.

Gain insight about the drivers effecting these 2020+ trends and how they will affect future trend movements. Each colour trend is combined with an in-depth story and a unique image collection.


Increased consciousness is the most significant driver. It affects all aspects of life; how we live, how we consume, and how we feel as humans. Within NCS Colour Trends 2020+, four dominating trends are identified based on the most important drivers of today, both independent and interdependent:

Reflecting a Circular Approach


Artificial Intelligence

Being Human

These colour trends are an interesting mix of colours that not only reflect a new era that begins in 2020 but are an important group of colours for the future. Translated into NCS notations, the NCS Colour Trends 2020+ gives you the most important colours to follow across these four different trends:

Evolving Eclecticism

Shades of Incognito

New Masculinity

Human Identity


200 Limited Editions of NCS Colour Trends 2020+ were  released on May 22nd exclusively on NCS Colour’s Online Shop.




CMG Member-Partner NCS Colour

NCS Colour is a global provider of colour communication solutions. For over 40 years, NCS Colour has been revolutionizing the way the world communicates colour. The Natural Colour System (NCS) offers solutions to industries ranging from Automotive to Coatings to Interior Design and Architecture.  Today NCS Colour is used in over 80 countries worldwide. Their offices are in Stockholm, Berlin and Shanghai. NCS Colour forms the national colour standard in countries such as Norway, Sweden, Spain, and South Africa.


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