The Future of Color Forecasting

The Future of Color Forecasting Industry Discussion

What does the future hold
for color forecasting?

How will color forecasting change globally
in the next 5 years?

The color forecasting industry has been around for over 50 years. Businesses depend on industry color directions for their products and services. Having the right color at the right time is key to success.  Color Marketing Group plays a key role in providing annual World Color Forecasts™ and color direction reports to hundreds of global companies.

Nowhere else can multi-industry scientists, artists and businesses come together to collaborate on where color directions are going 2 years ahead. It is within the conversations and the exchange of knowledge that innovations occur.

During our International Summit, this November, three of our CMG member futurists and visionaries will present their views on the future of the color forecasting industry to start the conversation. What does color forecasting look like in 5-10 years?  What direction do you see the color forecasting industry moving? Your color tribe invites you to participate in this hands-on discussion as part of your Summit experience.




CMG member, Susan Ishida is an Emmy Award-winning animation artist, whose career adventures include film & television, game development, virtual reality, and aerospace. Susan currently provides a “Trend to Shelf” turnkey service of color and trend forecasting, product design, prototype development, sourcing, and manufacturing, for big-box retailers including Walmart, Home Depot and Lowe’s.


CMG Board Member, Montaha Hidefi is the author of Groping for Truth – My Uphill Struggle for Respect (OC Publishing, 2018). She co-authored Colour Design: Theories and Applications, edited by Janet Best. She authored The Role of Color in Design, for Shop! MaRC Program’s Exam Prep Book (2017 and 2019); a globally recognized credential for retail environments professionals.  An international marketing professional, Montaha’s experience in the coatings industry extends across many geographical areas and markets, including powder coatings, special effect pigments, and raw materials for paints.


CMG Member, Bridget Frizzie is the Creative Director at Kehoe Designs—responsible for influencing the brand identity and design direction—along with forecasting, product sourcing and implementing emerging trends as well as overseeing Creative Services.  She has more than twenty years of experience in event décor, hospitality design, interior styling, visual merchandising, color customization, and floral design.  Curiosity is Bridget’s superpower. It bolsters her ingenuity while allowing her to see different perspectives—understanding the subtle nuances that make the patterns of future trends.  Her passion is in styling high-crafted design. Bridget is an expert-generalist with a strong understanding of multi-disciplinary experiences—these combined are contributing factors to her work.

It is not too late to register for the Summit and hear our Guest Speakers present “the future of color forecasting”.


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