Color Catalyst – Jane Stockel

Color Catalyst: CMG Member, Jane Stockel

Moving into a new year (and indeed, decade) is often a time to reflect on where we have been and where we are going. It goes without saying that CMG members have played and will continue to play, a significant role in the realization of our mission. Through our volunteer committees, our members work tirelessly on CMG’s behalf, sharing their passion for color and delivering our goals and objectives. This month we’d like to highlight some of our Color Catalysts – CMG members who have gone over and above to maintain CMG’s position as a leading authority on color design and trends.

Jane Stockel joined Color Marketing Group in 1991 and quickly volunteered to support our color forecasting work in the Asia Pacific Region.  “I realized there was a huge opportunity to further integrate the Asia Pacific region into CMG’s content and offerings. From that point, I was committed to helping the association fully live up to the mission of being the premier international association of color design professionals.  Over the years I have had many opportunities to bring awareness of Asia through sponsored items for members, speaking opportunities and writing articles. I served on CMG’s Board of Directors twice, representing the Asia Pacific Region with pride.  I was appointed Liaison for the region, and continue to support the current Asia Pacific Liaison in organizing local events. I am glad to see Board Members share in, and recognize, the importance of the International spirit of CMG.”

Jane continues to facilitate at all CMG Asia Pacific Conferences and ChromaZones, where her experience is needed and respected. Her English language skills are most useful when describing the nuances of a colour or trend in our final reports.  Jane will be a Guest Speaker at our upcoming Asia Pacific Conference this July 23rd and 24th where she will present “Silver Grey is The New Green”.  Her topic will cover the changing planting schemes in landscape design – as the world climate changes, so does the survival of plants in the garden.

Jane Stockel, Jane Stockel Designs

We asked Jane what inspired her to volunteer her time and talent, and how it has enriched her career:

“I have long held the belief that the world is truly global in the sense that people should know and understand how other markets operate. Trends come from all over the world, and the Asian market is a huge influence on this. I am now in a position where my age can be an asset. Trends come and go and seeing the Big Picture in terms of longevity can be an advantage. Through my efforts, particularly in my region, I have hopefully facilitated a greater understanding of the values of different cultures. I have valued friends all over the world and my membership with Color Marketing Group has facilitated that in many ways.”

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