For the Love of Color be our Perfect Match

For The Love of Color, Be our Perfect Match

It’s that time of year again when themes of love are popping up everywhere.  At Color Marketing Group (CMG) when we think of love it goes beyond themes of passion and dedication, and hues of red and pink.  We live in color.  It is color that is our principle of design.  It is color that gives our ideas shape and our innovations resonance.  It is color that is our rally cry, our muse, our passion.  It is color that makes us… us.  And, it is color that unites us with perfect matches around the world.  As a  designer, creative, innovator, scientist, engineer, and strategist, you could be our perfect match!

That is why this month, For the Love of Color, we invite you to be our perfect match – join CMG this month and see what color can do for you.

Join CMG this February and save 10% on your first year’s membership dues.

When you become a member of Color Marketing Group®, you are connecting in color with our global members who are committed to discovering, collaborating, and forecasting color and color trends for the world in which they work and live.  Join CMG and gain access to an exclusive range of digital color trend reports, and an international network of color design professionals that will help you increase your competitive edge.  As a welcome to our color tribe, when you join CMG during the month of February, you will receive 10% off your first year’s membership dues.  



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