It’s all about red!


Photo by Alicia Keshishian

by CMG Board Member, Alicia Keshishian, Carpets of Imagination

(original post courtesy of Barbara Clare, Barbara Clare Color Design)

Being a highly visual person means that anything crossing my path might spark my imagination. Though travel is my main inspiration, nature is right beside it. This “shelter in place” is drastically limiting my travel time so, I’m enjoying the visuals closer to home, especially this past springtime when blossoms were in full explosive color!

A dizzying array of saturated warm tones with a splash of contrasting green makes my mouth water… the crazy amount of flowers blooming was just astonishing, dazzling, and enchanting. It’s just plain wonderful. Taking a walk through my neighborhood is a concert of color! Every few feet something stops me in my tracks. Nature has, without a doubt, the absolute best palette and those colors guide my work.

Color Sells and the right colors sell better®


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