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We are yearning for times when quality was above quantity.

Reclaiming Yesteryear is one of our 2020 color stories about the nostalgia we feel to the past, even by the younger generations. We are yearning for times when quality was above quantity across all platforms. This year and beyond, we will seek products and services that are inclusive and we will pay respect to all cultures, regardless of color, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. We seek products that remind us of our deep family roots and dusty treasures found in old chests hidden in the attic. The globalization movement that we witnessed in the past decade is reversing itself. Global is returning to Local. We want to repatriate the manufacturing of products to our local communities and we cherish locally-made products. We are witnessing a reverse migration, among all generations, from the suburbs to the cities.

We will observe an increased appreciation for old-school crafts by the next generations. They are stepping back in time, from current tech overload, to seek historical references that offer wisdom and respite. They are embracing the arts and crafts movements. They are looking to the past to learn and help shape the future.

About ColorContext™ 

At CMG’s annual International Summit, members participate in Color Applications Workshops collaborating on future applications of our World Color Forecast™.  The Workshops results provide a rich resource of future design inspiration in industries such as Home and Contract (Interiors and Exteriors), Lifestyle and Consumer (durable and non-durable goods), and more.    Highlights from our 2020 Color Applications Reports, such as key trend stories and colors important to the success of your products, are available for you!  Don’t miss out!  


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