ColorChat™ with Mercedes Landazuri and Montaha Hidefi

By September 8, 2020CMG Events

Network with your color family!

Did you miss this week’s ColorChat™ Instagram Live interview with our host, Mercedes Landazuri, Design Application Lead, Techmer PM and Montaha Hidefi of Color Landing?   Catch the replay here!

Tune in weekly to @colorsells as our Instagram Live host, Mercedes Landazuri puts CMG members on the spot with a fun and entertaining color-related interview.

About Mercedes

Mercedes Landázuri has been involved in many aspects of materials design, from global raw material manufacturing to new appearance development with US OEMs and brand owners. With a background in eight world languages, she approaches new concepts through the framework of linguistics and believes that our world is shaped by the words we use. As Design Application Lead with Techmer PM, she translates between the languages of engineering and design to inspire both sides to achieve greater heights.

About Montaha

Montaha Hidefi currently serves on CMG’s Executive Committee as Vice President of Color Forecasting. She is an internationally experienced marketer, color trends scout and color forecast advisor who has helped many organizations in setting a marketing strategy, optimizing their product and color portfolios, and creating engagement with the target audiences through creative writing.
Montaha has lectured and presented at universities, trade shows, conferences and color seminars around the world, including Ryerson University (Canada), Heriot-Watt University (UAE), Taiwan Design Center (Taiwan), Warsaw Cultural Center (Poland), Elmya Polymer (Sweden), the Color Marketing Group (USA, Mexico), 100% Design London (UK), and ChinaCoat (China).

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