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Time has run out! Sustainability is the most important topic to be addressed in manufacturing a clean future.  In response to the dramatic impact that plastic and toxic waste are having on our planet, global mindsets are considered important to individuals. Consumers want to know the evolution of products from cradle to grave.

Sustainable living choices in fashion and home interiors are now thoughtfully purchased. Reduce, Reuse, Re-invent are themes being built on in all aspects of home and fashion products.

As our awareness of water scarcity and pollution are mounting, the forthcoming generations are bringing fresh ideas for water conservation and new technologies such as 3D printing into everyday life. Alternative processes will fulfill our needs for multifunctional, multigenerational sustainable design.  As cities become more congested, multifunctional flexible living spaces are essential. Home is no longer just a home, it is an office, a small business production facility, a daycare and a garden. With space at a premium price, furniture that serves more than one purpose is becoming a necessity such as a cabinet that serves as a pantry and as a desk.

“Me” becomes “We” in our communal focus. The definition of home and family are created by us (you). Lifestyles are flexible in this new melting pot and color and design must have multi-generational and cultural appeal.

Living spaces must be designed to accommodate the needs of many life stages. We the peeps!

About ColorContext™ 

At CMG’s annual International Summit, members participate in Color Applications Workshops collaborating on future applications of our World Color Forecast™.  The Workshops results provide a rich resource of future design inspiration in industries such as Home and Contract (Interiors and Exteriors), Lifestyle and Consumer (durable and non-durable goods), and more.    Highlights from our 2020 Color Applications Reports, such as key trend stories and colors important to the success of your products, are available for you!  Don’t miss out!  


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