TechmerVision, Color Design Tool for Materials Development

Presented by Sandra Sampson, CMF Design Lead

TechmerVision is a unique web-based color design tool, developed by Techmer PM, that enables designers and engineers within all parts of the supply chain to communicate, collaborate, and innovate in the creation and application of new colors.

TechmerVision is employed during the product development process to provide more numerous color renderings faster, accurately, and with reduced costs. The TechmerVision design process moves through 6 phases; Inspire, Interpret, Organize, Adjust, Formulate, and Apply—the result is a well-organized, closed-looped form of color communication.

TechmerVision allows designers to explore color nuances and interactions of colors early, accurately, and quickly during their product development process. In doing so, design challenges of obtaining a color in a particular material are addressed earlier in the development process and open up opportunities for enhanced materials development.

TechmerVision is being utilized in the exploration of a lifestyle, forecasted, brand, or competitive color palette to set apart one product from a competing one, to extend a product line’s lifespan, or to create new and fresh color combinations that fit a particular need.

Communication between the designer and the color scientist is simplified by the use of TechmerVision. Colors created by TechmerVision are harmonized thus speeding the final color selection process up and lowering prototyping and sampling costs. In addition, the digital prototyping and accurate color communication features of TechmerVision reduce the number of physical samples that are required to achieve the final color which is good for the environment.

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About the Presenter

An insatiable thirst for creative exploration and new challenges has led Sandra Sampson down the path to her latest role – as Color Material Finish (CMF) Design Lead for Techmer PM LLC.

The Oregon-born artist has always been passionate about color and design. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphics/packaging from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Calif., after earning a degree in art and graphic design from the Oregon College of Art in Ashland, Oregon.

Sandra then worked at an ad agency, ran her own studio through most of the 1990s, freelanced for a while, and worked as art director in the product development department of Santa Barbara Design Studio for eight years. In 2001, Sandra founded her own firm, Simple Modern Style which she describes as a design studio providing “trend‐forward design with a strong emphasis on color.”

Sandra’s experience crosses many different industries – health care, high tech, consumer goods, and more. She has leveraged her multidisciplinary skills as a color design professional, art director, graphic designer, product developer and project manager throughout each industry.

She studied color design with leading colorist Leatrice Eiseman at the Eiseman Center for Color Information & Training. Eiseman, a color specialist who has been called “America’s color guru,” is recognized worldwide and is a prime consultant to Pantone Inc. This program covered the psychology of color, advanced color training for industry, professional color systems, color naming and specifying, and color forecasting.

Sandra serves as vice president of public relations and communications on the Executive Committee of the Color Marketing Group®, the premier international association for color design professionals.

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