Announcing a new CMG Membership Opportunity

CMG adds a new membership level to meet the needs of ALL color design professionals.

The pandemic greatly accelerated the adoption of technology across all facets of society.  And that was no different for Color Marketing Group®, as we shifted our traditional in-person color design events to completely virtual settings. ChromaZones®, our color forecasting workshops, were the first to make the virtual transition. After that, we created exciting new networking and educational opportunities through the launch of our monthly ColorChat™ and ColorSpeak™ online events. And finally, across two days in late 2020, we hosted our first virtual International Summit where attendees from across the globe received the release of the 2022+ World Color Forecast™ that had been developed and steered across the year almost entirely through online interactions.
Amid these seismic shifts, CMG’s Board of Directors also began evaluating our membership itself. After nearly a year of research, discussions, questionnaires, and focus groups, we are extremely excited and proud to announce our new membership tier, the Limited Membership.
Over the course of 2020, we realized that not everyone works in the same ways with color. For some, physical swatches and samples are critical to the creative process. For others, viewing color on a screen and building creations within the digital world is all that is needed. So, with that in mind, we have created the Limited Membership with digital forecasting assets, that also offer all the color community benefits that are so beloved by the CMG membership. 

The Limited Membership will include the digital PDF for the upcoming 2023+ World Color Forecast™ to be revealed at this year’s Virtual International Summit this November 3-4. Unlike the Full Membership report, the color notations on the Limited Membership PDF will be listed only in sRGB and will include summarized trend and color story reports. Additionally, there will be Limited Member discounted registration rates for all events. And, as a Limited Member, you’ll still be able to fully participate in CMG’s various networking events, committee leadership, and member spotlight opportunities.
In the spirit of further innovation and a focus on enhancing member benefits, CMG has recently launched a new online community focused on color. As a Limited Member, you’ll also have access to this portal, along with our Membership Directory and the ability to exchange color knowledge with your CMG family.
If this is as exciting to you as it is for us, then we’d love to share one more bonus with you… for those that join during the month of August 2021, you will also receive the 2022+ World Color Forecast™ PDF with sRGB notations!
We know you will have questions about this new opportunity, so we invite you to join us in August for a ColorChat™ dedicated to sharing detailed information and explaining the differences between Color Marketing Group’s membership tiers. SIGN UP HERE to join our ColorChat™ mailing list for an invitation to explore our new Limited Membership category.
Until then, feel free to reach out to Sharon Griffis at with all your questions.




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