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The 1960’s:


1962 – Color Marketing Group is born in the home of one of the Founding members. Our mission from the start was:
  • to help each other do better work in the world of color marketing.
  • to improve the business circumstances of color marketing people, that is to say, to deserve and get better pay for what we do.
  • to educate everyone we can reach in the technologies which will help them make a more satisfying use of color.
  • ultimately, to blend the science of color and skills of marketing into this special technology we call color marketing.
As the profession of color marketing has grown and changed across the years, so has Color Marketing Group. But we remain focused on our core mission – to help each other do better work. We look forward to our continued growth and collaboration with our membership as we move into our seventh decade.

CMG Swatchbook is a bi-monthly feature focused on key moments in CMG’s history. We look forward to sharing these events across 2022. Our anniversary celebration will culminate at our annual International Summit held this coming November. There will be more details to come, and we look forward to seeing you there!



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