CMG President’s Update

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“It is hard to fathom that we are already heading into the second quarter of 2022! Maybe it is a sign of our success in putting 2 years of pandemic in the rearview mirror because time is speeding ahead. Buckle up, it isn’t slowing down and color doesn’t sleep!”

by CMG’s President, Peggy Van Allen, Colorfuel

We are well into color forecasting season and our ChromaZone® workshops are underway. Participants are enthusiastically building their color predictions for 2024+ while also strengthening their inter-industry human connections. Asia Pacific and Latin America events are proceeding this month and May 18-20 will be the first in-person conference in Europe since 2019. Don’t miss your chance to participate in and contribute toward our most valuable tool, our World Color Forecast™. We have a mix of virtual and in-person ChromaZones and I hope you will find an opportunity to join us in whichever format works for you.

We have ColorSpeak and ColorChat events rolling out each month and if you haven’t had the chance to attend, we are recording them and making the videos available to CMG members on our Vimeo page. Of course, I believe participating live is always the best way to experience these collaborative events, so check the schedule to see the upcoming dates.

This summer, our Executive Committee will be meeting in-person (woot-woot!) for our annual session to analyze and strategize for the future of CMG. It has been a very real challenge to shift all aspects of our association’s activities to a virtual format but I am proud to say that under our the stewardship of our Executive Director, Sharon Griffis, CMG’s Board of Directors, EC, and volunteers have kept CMG on a forward trajectory. There can be no stagnating, stalling, or sitting back and watching for a group with a focus on the future of color. As members, we understand the need to have our finger on the trend-pulse and immersing ourselves in these color conversations is what we are all about. In this challenging and critical time for CMG it is imperative that we have a concrete plan for the next 5-10 years. CMG hasn’t been around for 60 years because we just like talking about color. As members, you know how critical color is to your business and we want to understand what the future holds for color forecasting and color marketing. This will position us to continue to provide the benefits that only CMG offers. As you see surveys coming your way, please contribute your thoughts as we value your input and cannot work effectively without them.

You have most likely seen the announcement of the date and location for the International Summit in Tucson, AZ November 10-12. I speak on behalf of everyone on the planning committee, EC and BOD when I say that coming together in person again, finally, makes us all so happy! What better way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of CMG!! In addition to extra-celebratory activities, we are looking at this Summit as an opportunity to inject new life into our format and we hope you will be pleased and energized with the results. Make your reservations ASAP, travel is getting crazy already and we don’t want you to miss out. (Tucson is a great location if you want to extend your visit, hint-hint.) We will provide details on the schedule, speakers, workshops, pre-summit workshops, etc. as soon as we are able.

Best wishes and I hope to see you at a future event!

Colorfully yours,

Peggy Van Allen

CMG President

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