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CMG President Yale Forman holds a three day meeting with Board members, past Presidents and Board nominees to brainstorm the future of CMG. A new path of growth and expansion is charted, including the decision to hire full-time professional administrative staff, promote international growth, develop effective and continuous public relations, and create committees focused on Color, Education, Marketing and Technology.
Later that year, CMG hires its first full-time staff person and opens an office at 1000 Vermont Ave, Washington, DC. Prior to this, all administrative work had been done from CMG Founder Everett Call’s home.
Out of this renewed focus, CMG strengthened its regional efforts, raised its dues, and launched a membership campaign. CMG’s membership began to climb and the influx of new members brought new ideas that resulted in new programs and initiatives.
Today, CMG’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee meet across the year to discuss the status of our association. This summer, the Executive Committee will meet in person for the first time in two years with a goal not dissimilar to the 1977 meeting: to brainstorm the future direction of CMG as we enter our seventh decade.




CMG Swatchbook is a bi-monthly feature focused on key moments in CMG’s history. We look forward to sharing these events across 2022. Our anniversary celebration will culminate at our annual International Summit held this coming November. There will be more details to come, and we look forward to seeing you there!



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