CMG Swatchbook – CMG Computer Bank


Previously managed through typewritten lists and carbon paper copies, CMG embraced the emerging computer age by entering its growing membership records into a new “computer data bank.” This time consuming process enabled the Membership Directory to be cross indexed by product, industry, member and expertise, providing an even more robust view at the network of color professionals that constituted CMG’s membership. 
Today, CMG members have access to an online color design community for networking and engagement, powered by Glue Up, an all-in-one engagement software tool. Within Glue Up, CMG members can search for individuals by company, member name, location, and position title, and direct message other members. You can also complete renewal and payment details from a mobile app or web browser; register for events and view all events past and present attendance; engage and exchange knowledge through online communities, sharing ideas, discussing topics. Glue up is accessible by downloading the App from the Apple Store or Google Play, as well as through any browser. If you haven’t yet set up your Glue Up profile, feel free to reach out to headquarters— it’s the best way to connect with your fellow CMG members!


CMG Swatchbook is a bi-monthly feature focused on key moments in CMG’s history. We look forward to sharing these events across 2022. Our anniversary celebration will culminate at our annual International Summit held this coming November. There will be more details to come, and we look forward to seeing you there!



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