NCS Colour Trend Forecasting


2023 – A Year of Re-Nual

NCS Colour Trends 2023+ gives unique insights into international drivers for colours, materials, and finishes, that are applicable cross-industry. The forecast is developed by a team of internationally renowned experts within their fields. As a result, the forecast offers relevant colour palettes and attributes to suit any market and industry.

The Trends for 2023+ 

2023+ is a re-year. It is a year of a re-invention, a year that represents the  new  normal. We re-focus  on the  re-flourishing of our planet, with a sense of individual responsibility. It will be a very physical  and  very  digital world. These worlds will  join and  co-exist. In 2023+ our big  challenge is to  make sure that our new normal is a better new normal. We cannot linger in the past anymore. We do not want that. 

 2023+ promises re-newal –  joyful, confident and bold. 


COCOONING – “We cocoon ourselves consciously to find warmth and intimacy, to charge our batteries for a new normal. Here is our place to nourish our hopes and nurture ourselves, before we emerge.”

PASSAGES:  “Our roots and traditions cannot hold us back. We are heading toward a new normal. Discover a new adventure. Like our ancestors, we set out into the unknown, to brave the elements.” 

RE-GENESIS:  “The surge of a new normal, where we are who we really are and want to be. Re-Genesis is the  new normal from our most rooted and traditional values to a new, sincere and profoundly personal normal.” 


KidultZ – “We will create a new normal, a huge mission. But let us do this playfully and with joy! The surge of a new normal, where we are, who we really are, and want to be.” 


The release of NCS Colour Trends 2023+ 

THE TREND B00K Limited Edition! An exclusive edition of NCS Colour Trends 2023+, a trend book with a complementary fan deck. Packed with in-depth insights about the colour trends for coming years and its drivers. Only available in 100 copies. 

Complete with colour movements from today and onwards, extended trend stories, unique image collections, important materials, and finishes, as well as international relevant colour palettes, which makes the trends applicable cross industry. 


  • A cross-industrial trend colour forecast 
  • 4 main trend stories complete with insights about the trend drivers 
  • 4 colour palettes including NCS Notations 
  • Main and accent colours for each trend arranged in colour proportions 
  • Important materials and finishes for each trend 
  • Inspirational mood boards 
  • Separate colour trend fan deck with NCS QLl samples 

 The limited edition of NCS Colour Trends 2023+ will be exclusively sold on 



Marie Larsen Marketing Manager 



NCS Colour is a global provider of colour communication solutions. For over 40 years, NCS Colour has been revolutionising the way the world communicates colour. Based on NCS­ Natural Colour System, NCS Colour offers solutions to industries ranging from Automotive to Coatings, Interior Design and Architecture. Today NCS Colour has sales in over 80 countries worldwide, and forms the  national  colour  standard in countries  such  as Norway, Sweden, Spain and South Africa. 

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