Color Material and Finish Workshop
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May 13, 2019

Summit Attendees Forecast CMF Trends for 2020

Color, Material & Finish Trends for 2020 During our 2018 International Summit in Philadelphia PA, over 50 global CMF experts collaborated in our unique and specialist CMG Color, Material and Finish Workshops to identify a variety of  CMF trends for 2020. Exclusive CMF Trends for 2020 Color Marketing Group's Color, Material…
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Color Applications Workshops
CMFInternational SummitInternational Summit
April 24, 2019

NEW Color Applications Workshops at the Summit!

NEW Color Applications Workshops at the Summit! Introducing our revamped CMF and Color Applications Workshops at this year's Summit. You spoke and we listened! We have revamped this year's categories for Friday's Color Applications Workshops to focus on specific market sectors. Four overarching categories offer a selection of exciting workshops from…
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Color Applications Workshops, Color,Material, and Finish (CMF) Workshop
CMFInternational SummitInternational Summit
August 7, 2018

Color Applications Workshops at the Summit

COLOR APPLICATIONS WORKSHOPS If you’ve been to a Summit before, you know that our Color Applications Workshops encapsulate the core of what the International Summit is about. Global inter-industry teams will share how colors from CMG’s 2020+ World Color Forecast™ (which includes the North American Forecast), as well as the three International…
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May 18, 2018

CMF Design: What is It?

CMF Designers Accentuate the Form By CMG Member, Narss Lapinid, Director of Communications, Data Driven Safety, CMF Design Consultant, and Chair of CMG's CMF Workshop Committee CMF Design: What is It? CMF Design, or Color Material Finish Design, is an emerging design discipline within design. Those who are in CMF Design…
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