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September 21, 2018

CMG Members Interpret and Use Color

CMG Members Interpret and Use Color At the Summit, Multi-industry CMG Member Panel Speakers Share Color Stories We have heard time and again, a favorite part of the International Summit is meeting new members and reconnecting with familiar faces. People are fascinated with stories of how their colorful comrades interpret…
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Masonic Temple of Philadelphia
International Summit
September 20, 2018

Summit Masonic Temple Tour

CMG 2018 International Summit Optional Saturday Tour of the Masonic Temple Masonic Temple of Philadelphia Spend an inspiring afternoon touring the Masonic Temple in downtown Philadelphia. The Temple is a true feast for the eyes, a not-to-be-missed historic stop during your CMG International Summit stay. A Brief Overview “The Masonic Temple in…
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Dr. Beau Lotto, Lab of Misfits
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September 19, 2018

Innovation Embodies Seeing Differently

Innovation Embodies Seeing Differently Dr. Beau Lotto is one of our Guest Speakers at Color Marketing Group®'s  2018 International Summit this November in Philadelphia. His perception of the world comes from a background in neuroscience and is fascinating. Our recent interview with Dr. Lotto got us seeing things differently and…
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Roz Kavander, Roomworks
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September 14, 2018

CMG Color Power!

All New CMG Color Power Workshop to Enhance Your Color Knowledge! Everyone knows what color is until they have to explain it. —Roz Kavander, Roomworks Last year during our International Summit we introduced our new, dynamic, and interactive CMG Color Power training so our members could extend and…
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CMG International Summit Philly
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August 14, 2018

CMG International Summit – WE GATHER IN COLOR!

WE GATHER IN COLOR! Color Marketing Group Invites YOU to the CMG International Summit in Philidelphia, PA Ever-changing. Always fascinating. That’s the business of color. You live in color and so do we. Its influences are everywhere, the environment, social issues, changing political climates – they all impact color in one industry, which have a reverberating…
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Color Design in Fashion
Color: Fashion & BeautyInternational Summit
August 13, 2018

Fashion is Color in Motion

Fashion is Color in Motion   Fashion models glide down the runway, fiercely posing to display their garments, ranging from sleek swimwear to glimmering ball gowns. There’s a reason fashion is a three trillion dollar industry that accounts for 2 percent of the world’s GDP. The lights, the glitz, the…
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Color Applications Workshops, Color,Material, and Finish (CMF) Workshop
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August 7, 2018

Color Applications Workshops at the Summit

COLOR APPLICATIONS WORKSHOPS If you’ve been to a Summit before, you know that our Color Applications Workshops encapsulate the core of what the International Summit is about. Global inter-industry teams will share how colors from CMG’s 2020+ World Color Forecast™ (which includes the North American Forecast), as well as the three International…
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Summit Speaker Tom Palmaerts
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August 7, 2018

Tom Palmaerts Spots Trends Observing Young People

  Tom Palmaerts Spots Trends Observing Young People To know how a new trend will have an impact on culture, you need to look at young people.   Tom Palmaerts is a trend watcher, future forecaster, and partner at Trendwolves, a trend, and a marketing agency with a focus on young…
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Amy Devers
International Summit
July 31, 2018

Amy Devers to present at CMG’s 2018 Summit

Amy Devers to present at CMG's 2018 International Summit Fine artist and furniture designer, Amy Devers, will be on hand to expand your color and creative edge. This November Color Marketing Group has an exciting line up of world-renowned artists and speakers for our CMG 2018 International Summit in Philadelphia. Beyond the…
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July 30, 2018

Have you reserved your Summit hotel room?

Have you reserved your Summit hotel room? November is coming up quickly and we want you to have an amazing CMG Summit experience. We have a limited amount of CMG Summit hotel rooms available for reservations now through October 10th.   RESERVE YOUR SUMMIT HOTEL ROOM TODAY   FAMOUS AS THE…
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