Color Alert 2018

Color Alert 2018Color Alert 2018Color Alerts
May 1, 2018

May Color Alert®

EXCITED ABOUT BLUE?  SO ARE WE! We are exhilarated with blue's timeless simplicity, its worldly appeal, and its friendly nature. It is a rare person who doesn't like blue. And this year, with subtle variations on a theme, blue is continuing to dominate design conversations. Predicted during CMG's 2016 Asia…
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February 2, 2018

CMG’s 2019 colors seen through the lens of the gem and jewelry industry

CMG's 2019 Colors Seen Through the Lens of the Gem and Jewelry Industry Katinka Champion of Champion Photography Ltd. is a self-confessed coloraholic and color gemstone fanatic, and a regular participant at CMG's Toronto ChromaZone Color Forecasting Workshop.  She recently shared her predictions and inspirations from her observations of the gem and jewelry industry…
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Color Alert 2018Color Alert 2018Color Alerts
February 1, 2018

February Color Alert

RISE AND CELEBRATE!   Not just a simple red, surround yourself with Phoenix Red to feel its energizing power lift products, spaces, and moods!  Originally emanating from CMG Asia Pacific color forecasts for 2018, Phoenix Red is internationally appealing with seemingly endless applications. A bright red, bordering on orange, this…
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