Dark Infinity

December 2017 Color Alert

Dark Infinity

RGB: 27, 27, 28  CMYK: 73, 67, 64, 77   HEX: #1b1b1c
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Dark Infinity

Just shy of black, Dark Infinity embraces the design world. Its depth seemingly takes you on endless travels of discovery as it caresses the psyche and soul. Established during CMG Asia/Pacific meetings in 2015 as a 2017 emerging color, it envelops everything from fashion to automotive, home to jewelry.

This rich and luscious 90% black hue creates a tempting color voyage, made the better with tactile materials and special effects. As the name implies, its reach is infinite, taking our eyes, and perhaps our minds, on an expedition that moves ever forward. It is a hue for exploring as there is no fear in the dark, only profound wonder.

Embrace this deep hue suggestive of new things to see and discover. Conclude the year, and prepare yourself for the next, with Dark Infinity, the possibilities are limitless.

December 2017 contributors: Judith van Vliet, Mark Woodman, Maryanne Cole

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