December 2016 Color Alert


RGB: 173,7,109  CMYK: 0,62,100,0   HEX: #ad076d


Generosity, lifts the spirit, and announces the joy of a new year. Seen as a hue that embodies hope and happiness, it is also an antidote to heavy, toned hues. Its generous spirit applies to its many iterations, too. With nuanced changes in the hue, it is suited to everything in home, in fashion, or personal electronics.

As an antidote to our collection of greys, it is warm and comforting, yet fun and unexpected, it brings moments of color joy to everything from wood stain, to fashion, to automotive.

With almost any sheen level, Generosity can ramp up its energy going from a subtle matte to high-shine gloss and becomes the perfect accessory color to end the year, and bring in a new one. It is generous in hope, and fun.

December 2016 contributors: Judith van Vliet, Mark Woodman, Maryanne Cole

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