March 2019 Color Alert®


RGB: 114, 154, 35  HEX: #729a23  NCS: 2070 G40Y



CMG Color Alert I-PopSNAP!

Pay attention because it is all about my power, my vitality, and my resolve. And the color for me is I-Pop, a young, juicy burst of color that makes a strong personal statement. Originally emanating from CMG Latin America color forecasts for 2019, it is a “take no prisoners” hue, and concept, that also doesn’t take no for an answer.

This yellow influenced green bursts with freshness and the potential of new ideas put into motion. I-Pop is the color of new growth, the fermentation of ideas, and the healthy energy of forward motion.

Various greens continue to be important emerging colors across all products, but I-Pop amplifies the excitement and takes green beyond enviro-concerns and smart diets. It electrifies it.

In fashion and interiors I-Pop does just what its name implies, it adds a “pop” to whatever it touches. Cosmetics become otherworldly with this hue, fashion accessories bring a sizzle to an ensemble with a color that is both eco-familiar, yet spirited, and clothing items from sportswear to formal appear unique and individual in this color of self-power.

For interiors, not only does I-Pop bring the outdoors inside, it does it with the full energy of the first sprouts of growth, full of potential and excitement.

Show your power, and determination, with a hue that commands attention, and embrace your new mantra, “I-Pop!”

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Color Exploration I-Pop

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How do you make a bigger statement than I-Pop?

Add effects, and sheen, and dazzle. And other colors!

I-Pop is all about expression, vitality, and personal power. So mix it up even more with this color that can take on all callers.

Shift I-Pop with a matte metallic finish to embolden a mean, green machine that eats up highways and blazes its own path. Develop a sense of divine decadence with a manicure in a familiar color, but in an unfamiliar place. Shine it up, fill it with glitter, no matter what you do it simply makes I-Pop’s bold statement even bolder.

Create a story of joie-de-vivre by coordinating I-Pop with bright yellow, orange, and turquoise. Or let it be a searing accent to gray, black, and white. Even in a monochromatic palette, I-Pop can take command with its energy and spirited appeal.

Make it green, make it pop, make it yours. Make it I-Pop!

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MARCH 2019 CONTRIBUTORS: Judith van Vliet, Sandy Sampson, Mark Woodman, Maryanne Cole

I-Pop MAXIMIZE Color Alert® Color Exploration


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