Kraków Beige

September 2017 Color Alert

Kraków Beige

RGB: 215, 191, 154  CMYK: 16, 23, 42, 0   HEX: #d7bf9a
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Kraków Beige

When a whisper of color is your best color, embrace Kraków Beige. With its yellow cast and warming influence of red, Kraków Beige, a 2017+ European Forecast color, is a color that hints at familiarity, yet stands up and makes a color statement of its own.

Banishing its definition as boring beige, Kraków Beige is a major force in home, taking on a heritage feel with a twist. “Beige” is a hue often relegated to the background, playing nice, and being well behaved. There is a familiarity to it, yes, but it is no longer what you perceived.

Appearing on upholstered pieces as well as case goods, Kraków Beige comes alive with lush textiles, such as leather and velvet, and luminous, polished finishes. Versatility is a key attribute and it plays well with colors across the spectrum, while still maintains its status as the featured hue.

Kraków Beige bursts forth to stake its rightful claim as a hue fresh with lightness and lush with richness.

September 2017 contributors: Judith van Vliet, Mark Woodman, Gerri Chmiel, Maryanne Cole

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