May 2017 Color Alert

Lotus Shimmer

RGB: 197,142,151  CMYK: 0,62,100,0   HEX: #c58e97
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Lotus Shimmer

The journey of pink continues, with the shimmering quality of “Lotus Shimmer”.

Emerging from Color Marketing Group®’s 2015 Asia Pacific meeting, it offers not only a glimpse of an important cultural hue from its namesake, but demonstrates the evolution of pink from CMG’s 2016 gender neutral “Shim,” making a stronger declaration for 2017 and beyond.

Lotus Shimmer is suggested with a metallic finish but maintains its aura with nonmetallic finishes, as well. In gloss or matte, it offers a quiet energy, and suggests nature and culture combined, then moves further to connect to our digital world.

It will act as both accent and catalyst in home furnishings and accessories, creating a statement unto itself, as well as balancing color combinations. For fashion, it will touch men’s and women’s clothing and flourish in personal electronics.

July 2017 contributors: Judith van Vliet, Mark Woodman, Maryanne Cole

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