March 2022 Color Alert®

March 2022 Color Alert®

NEW DAY – 2030-R70B, 150,160,197, #96A0C5

“You get a New Day! And YOU get a New Day! EVERYONE gets a NEW DAY!”

CMG Color Alert New Day

And NEW DAY has arrived to greet the world! With an inspiring light-valued, red-based blue color, it offers a fresh mood for periwinkle. Not just a nicely balanced color, it suggests the beginning of the day when everything feels lighter than air, and possibilities abound.

Predicted in 2020, for emergence in 2022, it was first discussed in CMG North American meetings but has taken hold around the world in many product categories and applications. Everyone loves the New Day!

The freshness it conveys is eye opening and hopeful. It is a color of newness and energy, but also suggests a lightly fragrant air. New Day is a color-bridge for many styles and color combinations, performing as a solid color and as a conduit for special effects.

Key uses will be in commercial and residential exteriors and interiors, home décor and accessories and consumer goods. It will also be seen in fashion and accessories as well as visual communications.

For architecture, it is a new natural color that can stand alone in subtle beauty or coordinate with brick and stone, wood and metal, or siding and plaster. It immediately becomes one with the natural landscape. For interiors, it will be translated to many materials and finishes. Textured fabrics, like velvet or felt, will create a cozy aesthetic, playing up the underlying warmth of the color. In paint finishes it will be soft and comforting in matte, or glistening and cleansing in high gloss looks.

Graphics and communications will look distinctive as New Day will replace tried and true colors like yellow and orange to provide contrast with grey and black. Not just for graphics, though, in combination with other hues, New Day gets an outdoor focus with rust and brown, and linking it with silver and white suggests a robotic, digital world of high style.

Fashion style is embracing New Day, as well. Whether in knitwear, loungewear, or accessories, it carries its message of relaxed, hopeful ease. In comfortable cotton, the color takes on a casual air, but it can be high-style in silk or satin, creating contrast of the smooth looks combined with rough textures. Fashion accessories will become exceptionally interesting when the color is metallicized or pearlized with a special effect finish.

As a color for new beginnings, New Day is fresh, unique, natural, and timeless. Open your eyes and greet a day full of possibilities and wonder. New Day translates that feeling of joy to a color for everyone!

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March 2022 CONTRIBUTORS:  Paula Leonard, Mark Woodman, Samantha MacLean, and Judith van Vliet

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