July 2017 Color Alert

Power Play

RGB: 247, 125, 21  CMYK: 0, 62, 100, 0   HEX: #f77e15

Power Play

With a quick glance, Power Play announces itself as a moment of fun. This fresh orange, originating in predictions during CMG’s European meetings in 2015 for 2017, can lift one’s spirit in any season. It is the color version of the song “Happy.”

It’s all about taking play to the max, and this is the color with which to do it. A hue that always has a smile, it is practically mood transforming, you just can’t be serious and glum around this hue. It stands on its own and is a powerful player with other hues.

Taking the automotive world by storm, it adds to the fun of a weekend drive even on a daily commute. Fashion accessories in versions of Power Play add visual punch to any ensemble and what it does for fashion, it can do for home, adding a powerful punch of joyous color wherever it appears.

Power Play, a color for anyone, anytime, anyplace…with a smile.

July 2017 Contributors: Judith van Vliet, Mark Woodman, Maryanne Cole

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