Upcoming ColorChats™

Date:  Thursday, July 20, 2023
Time:  10.30 am – 11.30 am EST
Topic: How do you use CMG’s World Color Forecast?
Registration Fees:  FREE


About ColorChat™

During these unusual and disconnected times, Color Marketing Group® provides you opportunities to stay abreast of the latest color forecast information. While in-person events are one of the best ways to connect with like-minded color design professionals, ColorChat™ connects us virtually. ColorChat™ offers virtual discussions on all topics of color design, CMF design, future color trends, and more.

Our ColorChat™ series are interactive, question-led events on Zoom! Registration is FREE.


ColorChat™ Hosts:


Kiki Redhead leads all CMF & Trend initiatives for Sherwin-Williams Design Segments in Industrial & Performance Coatings, including spearheading a new DesignHouse in Minneapolis, MN. She collaborates with Industrial Design customers in appliance, office, and outdoor furniture, as well as electronics, medical devices, packaging, transportation, and heavy equipment. She also works with designers for architectural and building products on coatings development and trends, including ideation of aesthetics, performance, and sustainable solutions.   A longtime member of the Color Marketing Group, Kiki sits on the Board of Directors.

Bridget Frizzie comes to the table with over 20 years of experience as a provocative lifestyle designer, handling everything from event ideation, interior styling, color customization, hospitality design, and visual merchandising, as well as an accomplished floral designer. Chief Creative Officer and senior strategist of Kehoe Designs, a full-service event decor, and production company.  She is a board member of the international association for Color Marketing Group.  Her skill set includes blending a multicultural background, a passion for travel, and a relentless pursuit of trend spotting, which is now leading her to a new career as a futurist.  Her default is a nearly obsessive curiosity on strategic futurism, color forecasting, and scenario planning. She’s a patient hunter with a meticulous eye for finding the subtle nuances in design and innovation and envisioning how they’re indicators of what’s next.  Bridget’s style of thinking melds together seemingly unrelated facts, ideas, and nuggets of information; the result is trend spotting that is both inspiring and relatable. Her audiences are given the vital indicators of what will help determine success in the future, for the individual as well as for companies.

Judith van Vliet is the Founder of The Color Authority™ as she helps people to unleash color in their lives and businesses. TCA develops color trends for different markets through storytelling and palette development and offers different services in the color consultancy area. Judith works with a global color network of like-minded experts that understand the power of color. She is a fervent public speaker and is the host of the namesake podcast that brings fascinating conversations with some of the most inspiring people in the world of color. She serves on Color Marketing Group’s Executive Committee as Immediate Past President where her in-depth knowledge of color helps maintain CMG at the forefront of global color forecasting. Judith currently works and podcast out of Milan, Italy.