Porto, Portugal

May 16th, 2018

CMG 2018 European Conference, Porto, Portugal

Country: Portugal
Dates: Wednesday, May 16th – Friday May 18th, 2018
Location: Carris Porto Ribeira, Carris Land, S.A., nfante D. Henrique, 1, 4050-296 Porto, NIF: 508 335 302 PORTUGAL

Color Marketing Group will be holding our 2018 European Conference this May in Porto, Portugal. As a color marketing professional, join us as we discuss and explore color directions for 2020+.

2020+ European Forecast

We recently revealed the 2019+ European Forecast during our 2017 International Summit – now we begin to forecast color directions for 2020 and beyond and YOU can be part of that conversation. Our Conference Workshops offer a chance to explore and recognize subtle nuances in color, to envision which palettes and color combinations will best attract, inspire, and inform, and to explore the global influences and drivers that affect color directions.

At the very heart of all CMG Conferences is the Color Forecasting process where the world’s leading color and design influencers share, discuss and explore color directions. You will be on the cutting edge of color forecasting, and you’ll bring these insights back with you to shape and validate discussions and decisions on color directions for your industry, product, or service.  CMG’s Color Forecasting process is a collaboration of minds; a joint effort to understand and interpret what is happening in the world around us and how this will influence color.  The final result?  A 16-color Directional Forecast that is distributed electronically with a report identifying the trends and influences affecting color directions.  The Color Forecast shows notations in all the major color systems including Pantone, NCS, RAL, RGB and LAB.

Who Should Attend?

Global manufacturers, brands, and marketers understand the importance of color marketing to their bottom line. Your company will benefit from creating research fueled and validated products in colors that sell. As a project manager, product developer, designer, manufacturer, CMF specialist, color specifier, and anyone who works with color for products you won’t want to miss the important color discussions.

You do NOT need to be a member of CMG to participate in this Conference. If you are interested in learning more about becoming part of Color Marketing Group please visit our Membership page to learn more or contact the office.

The Benefits of Attending

At this Conference, you’ll have access to amazing events and fascinating speakers, along with plenty of opportunities to share and collaborate with other professionals across all industries—people who, like you, are constantly searching for inspiration, for what’s next in color.

• Join the latest color conversations helping you to succeed in your field and helping your company to achieve continued growth.

• You’ll network with individuals outside your specific industry, expanding your horizons and opening new areas for exploration.

• We provide an open-discussion atmosphere that will allow you to mix, mingle, and come away with lasting relationships and connections. The friends you make will form your “tribe” for years to come, and their energy and insight will prove invaluable.

• You’ll leave with newfound color revelations that will keep you, your company, and your clients well-versed in all things color.


Carris Porto Ribeira, Carris Land, S.A., nfante D. Henrique, 1, 4050-296 Porto, NIF: 508 335 302 PORTUGAL

Hotel Reservations

Please download the European Hotel Reservation Form, complete and return to

Registration Fees

CMG Member $595
Non-Member $750
Partner/Spouse/Family Member $450
Students $300

There may be some changes to the timing of this Schedule

Wednesday, May 16th

17:00 –19:00:  Registration & Welcome Cocktail

European Planning Committee Welcome – Filip Roscam, Design Director Performance Materials/Pigments & Functional Materials
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

20:00 Optional Networking Dinner  (NOT included in registration fee)

Thursday, May 17th

08:15 Arrival & Registration

President’s Opening Remarks – Judith van Vliet, Designer, Clariant ColorWorks

Guest Speaker Presentations

08:30:   Anja Bisgaard Gaede, SPOTT Trends and Business

10:45:   Joeri Van den Bergh, InSites Consulting

11:30:   Dominic Wilcox, Artist, Designer & Inventor

13:00: Lunch

14:00 – 17:30:  Color Forecasting Workshops

(Tea & Coffee will be served)

20:00:  Dinner

(Included in Meeting Registration) – Details to follow

Friday, May 18th

09:00:  Arrival & Program Overview

(Tea & Coffee will be served)

09:30:  Color Forecasting Workshops

12:00:  Lunch

13:00:  Color Workshops

Finalize 2020+ Color Forecasts

17:00:  Wrap up and Farewell

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    Anja Bisgaard Gaede

    Founder of SPOTT trends & business

Anja Bisgaard Gaede is founder of SPOTT trends & business. SPOTT service Scandinavian lifestyle brands with consumer insight, trend and colour forecast for spot on business development. Today the art is no longer just to spot the new trends, but to target them to the individual brand. This calls for a new and innovative approach to trends which is the niche of SPOTT. We combine neuroscience, trend forecasting and commercial experience in turning trends into business for Scandinavian lifestyle clients.

Anja is the founder of SPOTT has an MA degree in communication and specialised in fashion, consumerism, and experience economy. Besides numerous presentations and consultations over the past 10 years, she has also published the Danish book Skab god kemi med dine  kunder- oplevelesesøkonomi i detailhandlen (Customer Chemistry – experience economy in retail) and edited the anthology Fashion Film and Transmedia.


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    Joeri Van den Bergh

    Co-founder, Managing Partner and NextGen expert at InSites Consulting
    Author of How Cool Brands Stay Hot: Branding to Gen Y & Z

Joeri Van den Bergh is co-founder, managing partner and NextGen expert at InSites Consulting, a global ‘new generation’ research agency with offices in New York, London, Rotterdam, Ghent and Timisoara. He has extensive experience of all aspects of branding, marketing and advertising to kids, teens and young adults. His clients include global customers such as eBay, Coca-Cola, Spotify, Danone, Red Bull, IKEA, Heineken, Converse, Nestlé, AXA and Unilever for whom he has provided research and advice on how to target the youth market.

He is an awarded global thought leader and marketing author on the impact of Millennials and Generation Z on marketing and business. His best-selling marketing book How Cool Brands Stay Hot: Branding to Generation Y and Z has been awarded several times (a.o. The American Marketing Association Berry-AMA Book Prize) and will be published in a completely revised third edition in April 2016.


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    Dominic Wilcox

    Dominic Wilcox Studio and Little Inventors.
    Dominic Wilcox is a world renowned inspirational inventor, designer and artist who creates innovative and thought-provoking objects.

Dominic Wilcox works between the worlds of art, design, craft, and technology to create innovative and thought provoking objects. He makes things and draws his ideas and inventions – constantly transforming the mundane and ordinary into something surprising, wondrous and strangely thought provoking.  His work includes the world’s first GPS shoes, a stained glass, driverless sleeper car of the future, and tiny sculptures balanced on the hands of watches.  He is now on a mission to inspire children to become the inventors of the future with his Little Inventors project.

After being born in Sunderland Dominic Wilcox behaved as normal for approximately 18 years. He was 2nd best in his art class so on leaving school he decided that he should be a graphic designer because that seemed to be like an artist except you were paid a wage. He then did an Art and Design foundation course at Sunderland University. The Graphics section of the course was lead by a conceptual artist called Charlie Holmes. He showed Dominic books full of ideas, inventions and strange things. Dominic saw that there was more to art than painting pretty pictures of fruit or rolling hills. Since then Dominic has thought up his own ideas and strange things. To cut a long story short he did a degree, then an MA at the Royal College of Art and has since made many things that are exhibited all over the world and appeared in many books and magazines. He gets commissioned by people and organizations to think up interesting unique ideas and turn them into reality or he just spends time doodling in his sketchbook and making things that get him excited.  Read more.

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Porto, Portugal