Color Forecasting Workshop - North America

April 29 and 30, 2021

9 am to 1 pm Pacific Time

CMG’s Virtual ChromaZone® Workshop

You live in color and so do we. Its influences are everywhere – the environment, social issues, and changing political climates.  We believe that the only way to stay competitive within such constant change is by harnessing each other’s endless flow of knowledge and understanding.  Our Virtual ChromaZone Color Forecasting workshops give you the opportunity to interpret, create, forecast, and select color directions with the goal of enhancing services and manufactured goods.  By collaborating with experts from all industries and across the globe, we better identify the direction of color and design trends.  Then you can interpret this information for your specific industry.

Which Colors will Emerge in 2023 and beyond?

Participants come prepared to engage in the virtual discussion by contributing one important color story and six supporting color directions. As a registered attendee, CMG provides you with a detailed worksheet to aid in your color research and preparation as well as guidelines and tools to aid the virtual process.  You will collaborate with other workshop attendees to share your ideas on what is shaping color, the driving influences behind color directions, and the colors you see coming to market in 2023.

REGION:  North America
DATE: Thursday, April 29 and Friday, April 30 2021
TIME: 9 am – 1 pm Pacific on both days (short breaks are included)
LOCATION: Zoom details will be emailed to you upon registration.
REGISTRATION FEES: CMG Member $50; Non Member $75. Registration will close on April 16.
CONDITIONS:  See the Conditions tab

Space is limited to ten participants for each Workshop, so be sure to register early to save your spot!

The virtual Workshop will take place across two consecutive days commencing at 9 am and ending around 1 pm. Participation in both days is essential to benefit from the full color forecasting experience and information exchange, as well as to hear the final big picture replay from all participants. You will be led by one of our expert Facilitators from our Color Forecasting Committee, experienced in our process and in taking our color forecasting into the virtual world.

The Final Outcome

Within a few weeks of the workshop each participant will receive the following:

  • A Digital Report with the final 12 selected colors referenced in LAB, MUNSELL, NCS, Pantone, RAL, and SRGB.
  • A Digital Report outlining the color stories and trend directions.
  • An ASE file with the 12 colors for your own use.

Color Accuracy in a Virtual Environment

As we continue to work remotely, CMG understands the challenges of limited access to color swatches and tools to select colors. Upon registration, we will send some ideas and online resources on how to overcome this challenge.  For those of you familiar with our ChromaZone format, you’ll know that information sharing is a critical component of the process, as is the collaboration and cross-industry pollination! Our virtual process will continue to offer the same opportunity to connect and collaborate in color…virtually … and our color forecasting committee will, once again, deliver a valuable workshop experience, focused on directional discussions about where color is going in 2023 and beyond. As demonstrated in 2020, we overcame the challenges of not having the tools readily available to select colors, by offering ideas and online resources on how to overcome these challenges, and our Color Forecasting Committee remains available to provide support and answer any questions.

We VIRTUALLY Forecast!

We continue to monitor the impact of the virus on travel and business gatherings.  Recognizing the challenges that we continue to face in the foreseeable future, our color forecasting workshops will remain virtual for 2021.   

How to Register?

You can register online or contact Sharon Griffis 703.329.8500.


Check our Calendar of Events for other upcoming Virtual ChromaZone Color Forecasting Workshops.



Day One – 9 am – 1 pm Pacific:

  • Color and Trend Presentations
    During this time you will be asked to present your color trends and driving influences to the group in a 7-minute window.
  • Color and Trend Discussions
    As a group, you will discuss the presented color stories and brainstorm to identify the three (3) most relevant color stories for 2023 and beyond.
  • Final Color Story Writing
    You will break out into three (3) virtual groups to finalize the three (3) Workshop color stories.
  • Presentation of Final Color Stories
    Each group champion presents its final color story to the Workshop.
  • Adjourn

Day Two – 9 am – 1 pm Pacific:

  • Color Story Recap
    As a group, each color story champion will give a brief recap and discuss any further thoughts.
  • Color Selection
    You will return to your color story groups to finalize color directions for your story and to identify the story’s Key Color.
  • Final Color Palette
    The whole group will present the color story’s palettes and discuss color nuances for the final Workshop forecast.
  • Key Color Selection
  • Color Naming and Descriptions
  • Adjourn


Virtual ChromaZone Color Forecasting Workshop this April 29 and 30 (9 am – 1 pm Pacific both days)

Email  or call 703.329.8500 with payment details.

Check our Events Calendar
for additional virtual ChromaZone Color Forecasting Workshops.  



  • Participation is necessary on both days of the virtual workshop.
  • Preparation is required prior to each workshop so each participant must submit their completed Worksheet to the Facilitator one week prior to the date of their Workshop. Participants who do not submit their completed worksheets will be offered another virtual workshop date or a refund in line with our cancellation policy.

Registration & Payment:

You may register online or by contacting Sharon Griffis at  A confirmation will be sent via email within 3 business days.   If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration within 3 business days, contact CMG immediately to confirm your registration. We do not have a fax service.

Cancellation & Refund Policy:

Cancellations must be received in writing to CMG head office one week before the event date to qualify for a refund. A $5 administrative fee will be deducted for all canceled registrations. Please note that each virtual workshop is restricted to 10 attendees so if you wish to cancel, please do so soonest in order that your spot can be offered to another CMG member.

CMG Image Policy

CMG is required to make sure all images used to illustrate our color forecasts are free from copyright infringement for the protection of our group and our individual members.  Our Image Policy will be sent to you upon registration.

Sandra Sampson, CMG, FRSA, IDSA is a color, material, and finish professional and founder of Simple Modern Style, a multi-disciplinary design studio. Sandra has achieved success within the consumer goods, consumer electronics, health and wellness, materials design, and gift industries, to name a few.  Sandra’s specialty lies in the ability to transform color, trend, consumer preferences, and market research into color design that engages your target market.

After spending more than sixteen years actively volunteering for Color Marketing Group, the Premier International Association for Color and Design Professionals, Sandra understands the power of color in product design and the color forecasting process. In addition to her CMG committee leadership, Sandra has served for two years as a Board Member, and Executive Committee member as VP of PR and Communications for three years. Today, Sandra actively supports CMG through special projects, facilitation of color forecasting workshops, World Color Forecast™ steering, and participation in all CMG color forecasting events.

Sandra holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California, and an Associates of Communication from Oregon College of Art, Ashland, Oregon.  In addition to her color design studies at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, Sandra studied Color Design with leading colorist, Leatrice Eiseman, at the Eiseman Center for Color Information & Training. Eiseman is a color specialist who has been called “America’s color guru,” recognized worldwide, and is an author on color and the prime consultant to Pantone, Inc. Eiseman’s Color Design program covered topics such as the psychology of color, advanced color training for industry, professional color systems, color naming and specifying, and color forecasting.

As a member of Inter-Society Color Council and Industrial Designers Society of America, Sandra keeps abreast of innovations in color, materials, and design. Sandra is also a Fellow of the RSA, the royal society for arts, manufactures and commerce who are “committed to a future that works for everyone”.

Sandra relaxes with a good book on color, racing and cruising sailboats on the Southern California coast, or training her sixth Alaskan Malamute rescue to become a Love on a Leash Therapy Pet.

Erika Woelfel is Vice President of Color & Creative Services at Behr Paint Company in Santa Ana, CA. Her experience includes over two decades of color consulting, visual merchandising, photography, packaging design, interior design, product development, brand strategy, consumer research and PR communications. She has been a member of Color Marketing Group since 1994.